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Tips to Minimize the Amount of Time it Takes a Mover to Pack Your Home

Packing can be a tedious process. However, hiring a mover to pack for you can be pricey. Fortunately, there can be a happy medium. Knowing what steps you can take before a mover arrives can help minimize the amount of time it takes a mover to pack for you, making the entire process more affordable. here are a few tips you will want to follow in order to minimize the amount of time it takes a mover to pack your home.

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Tips for Negotiating the Price of a Mover

Hiring a mover can help to make your mover a bit less stressful. However, many people do not realize that the price of a moving service fluctuates. And because it fluctuates, you have the opportunity to negotiate the price of your move. Here are a few tips you may want to follow if you are looking to score a great price when hiring a mover.

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What to Look for When Hiring a Business Mover

If you need to move your business, you will want to hire a business mover, also referred to as a commercial mover. A business mover performs different tasks than a home mover. As such, there are different factors you need to consider when hiring a business mover. Here are a few of the things you want to look for as you hire the right business mover for your move.

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The Benefits of a Climate Controlled Storage Unit

If you are looking to place belongings into a storage unit, you have a big decision to make. You have to decide whether to place them in a regular unit that may be susceptible to outside temperatures or pay a bit more for a climate controlled storage unit. Learning the benefits of a climate controlled unit may help you decide if it is worth it to you. Here are a few of those benefits.

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Are You Planning on Moving? Tips to Help Prepare Your Child for This Life Change

When you a tell a child that you are moving, they can immediately become anxious or fearful. They may be nervous about where they will be living, leaving their friends behind and/or going to a new school. However, the sooner you can tell your child about a move, the more better you can prepare them and ease their fears. Here a a few tips to help you prepare your child for the upcoming changes in their life.

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Moving in the Summer? Tips for Staying Cool

Are you looking to move this summer? If so, you are not alone. Summer is the height of moving season as people try to move during these months so as to not interrupt their children's school schedule. However, moving when it is hot presents its own unique set of circumstances. You have to be careful or you can become dehydrated or even experience heat stroke. Here are a few tips to help you stay cool if you plan on moving this summer.

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Are You Planning to Move This Spring? Reasons Now is a Great Time to Book a Mover

If you are planning to move this spring, you may be planning on hiring movers to assist with your move. This helps reduce the stress on you. But, you may put off looking for and hiring the perfect company because you don't know the address of the home you are moving to or because you think there is no benefit to booking early. However, winter is the perfect time to book a mover for your spring trip. Here are three reasons why you may want to consider booking a mover for your spring move now.

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What to Look For When Hiring a Mover

Hiring a mover can help to make a move a bit easier on you and your family. You won't have to worry about packing, lifting heavy items or transporting your goods in a large moving truck. But if you select the wrong moving company, you may have other headaches to deal with. You may find yourself with broken items, missing items or movers who increase their price quote. As such, it is important to take the time to find a great moving company. Here are a few factors you should consider as you look for a moving company to help with your upcoming move.

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Tips for Moving in the Rain

In a perfect world, the weather would be great on the day you were moving. It wouldn't be too hot or too cold. Unfortunately, you can't control the weather and on the day you are moving, you may find that it is pouring down rain. Unfortunately, you can't postpone your move because it is wet outside, which means you have to move, rain or shine. Fortunately though, that doesn't mean your belongings have to get wet just because it is raining. Here are a few tips to help you move in the rain.

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Moving with Older Adults

Moving to a new place can be exciting for the family in offering new opportunities and a chance to start fresh. But it can be a stressful jump into the unknown and unfamiliar, especially for older adults who may have spent all of their lives in the same home. Try these tips from some Minneapolis movers to make moving less stressful for older adults.

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