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Apartment and Condo Moving - Hedberg Has You Covered…

Moving into or out of an apartment may be more complicated than the same process would be with a typical stand-alone residence.  Often, this may involve stairs, elevators, narrow hallways and congested parking facilities.  Moving your sleeper couch up to, or down from, the 5th floor of an apartment complex is quite a bit trickier than walking it though a set of sliding glass doors in a basement.  

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Moving Supplies Can Make Or Break The Move…

At Hedberg Moving Solutions, a box is not just a box – not when it comes to moving.  For example, our ‘dish pack kit’ comes with a dish box plus specific dividers for glasses – not something you typically find in the shipping box from your last mail order purchase.  Our wardrobe boxes actually have a bar and two feet of hanger space, plus room for shoes on the bottom!

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Assisted living moves – stress free, courteous and efficient…

Moving from home to a retirement, assisted living or nursing facility can be a very emotional and trying time – for the persons moving, and for the families of the loved ones that must be involved in this difficult choice.

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Why Should You Use A Professional Moving Service?

Purchasing a home is a monumental accomplishment, followed in magnitude only by the actual process of moving. Home moving requires a great deal of coordination and physical labor, and can be a smooth or arduous enterprise – relative, of course, to the level of choreography and skill invested in the operation on the front end. Many things can go amiss when moving from one residence to another without the help of professional moving services. Furniture can get damaged, items can be forgotten or lost and valuable things can break due to the lack of proper packing or protective materials.

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5 Tips to Follow When You've Hired A Moving Company

Hiring professional movers to do the packing and heavy lifting takes most of the stress out of moving. However, before the crew arrives, follow these five tips to help the moving process run as smoothly as possible.

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Need To Make Room For A Party? We Can Move And Store Your Items

Who better than a well rated professional moving service to move and store your items to make room for an event or party? Our storage facilities are completely secure, and climate controlled. We pride ourselves for being gentle with your goods. Choose packing and unpacking services and it will seem that your home magically prepared itself for a party and your stuff reappeared afterwards.

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Dings And Dents Should Not Be A Side Effect Of Moving

Scuff, scraps, dents and dings seem to end up on furniture and appliances after many DIY moving projects. This can be the result of lack of planning, not enough strength, or not enough communication. The fact is that dings and dents can completely avoided when moving. Do not lose money by trying to do it yourself, go with the pros and keep your home and stuff safe from undo harm.

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Hedberg Moving Solutions Also Offers Storage Solutions For Any Occasion

Did you know that we also offer storage solutions to our customers? If you are moving between properties with different closing dates, and need your belongings stored in a climate controlled, secure environment, we offer property storage packages with our packing services. Even clients who are not moving make use of our quality storage and moving services. If you are having your home painted and need belongings moved and stored, or if you are having guests over and need more space for them in the guest room, we can temporarily store your goods for whatever reason you may need it.

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Winter Conditions Can Make Moving Difficult, We Can Help

A move at any time of the year can be daunting and seemingly endless. During the Minneapolis winter months a move is made even more complex by the harsh weather. Winter moves mean icy roads, occasional blinding snow, sleet, and uncomfortable temperatures indoors due to the need for the doors to be opened and shut in the processes of moving belongings. Winter moving in Minneapolis takes planning for every little detail. At Hedberg Moving Solutions we can move your belongings safely no matter the season.

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Moving Your Business? Hedberg Moving Solutions Can Make It Easy

Has your business grown? If so, and it is time to move to a larger locations, contact Hedberg Moving and let the professionals help your move be as successful as your business. Hedberg offers a suite of services that are of value to businesses that need to move. We are a full service professional moving company serving those moving in Minneapolis.

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