Winter was tough this year!

Moving Day BoxThis winter has been a very difficult one for those of us living in Minnesota.  Every day has seemed to present us with more snow and ice or subzero temperatures.  It makes simple tasks such as driving to work a hassle and a half.  Imagine, however, if you would ever have to move in such weather!

The necessity to move can come from a variety of reasons: a lease running out, a disagreement with the landlord or unsafe living conditions.  Most Minnesotans have gotten in the habit of trying to not need to move in the dead of winter; however, these situations do arise and it can be a major hassle when it happens.

 So, what options do we have when we find ourselves needing to load all of our earthly possessions into a truck and drive them across snow and ice to a new location?  Is it really necessary that we risk slipping on ice ourselves while carrying box after box and every piece of furniture that we own in and out of our apartments during the moving process?  No.  Thankfully, we have Hedberg Moving Solutions.

Apartment moving in Minneapolis is stressful enough, let alone when there is snow and ice on the ground, but Hedberg will take all of the troubles and worries out of your experience and provide you with a stress free apartment moving experience. Hedberg has decades of experience as a full service moving company in Minneapolis.  Hedberg has experienced staff that move people from condos, apartments, dorms homes, senior living facilities, farms and every other type of housing.

Hedberg, your local moving company, offers a full service moving experience that will make you looking forward to your next move!  From the time that your first packing box is put together until every piece of furniture is unpacked in your new apartment, Hedberg will take care of all of your possessions and take a load off of your mind.

Starting with a free in-home estimate from a professionally trained mover, will evaluate exactly what you need to make your Minneapolis apartment move as seamless as possible.  Hedberg Moving Solutions offers packing services that will protect all of the things that you care about during your move.  As added protection, Hedberg fully insures all of the items in their care.  Hedberg guarantees that your items will arrive at your new home damage-free.


As a client you will enjoy full use of their moving equipment and item protection services.  Your items will be loaded into a fully equipped, clean moving truck for their transit to your new home.  Once they have arrived, Hedberg’s fully licensed and trained professionals will safely and efficiently unload the truck and unpack your boxes for you.

Hedberg Moving Solutions understands that moving can be a stressful time in your life.  There a lot of changes that need to be made and arrangements that need to be adjusted.  Let Hedberg focus on safely bringing your possessions to your new home while you focus on everything else. Hedberg provides the stress free apartment moving service that makes moving in Minneapolis as easy as it can be!

Hedberg Moving Solutions also offers competitive rates that will leave you speechless.     

Hedberg Moving Solutions also offers wonderful customer service that will help you ensure that you have taken care of everything that is necessary during your move from working with both of your property managers to transferring your cable and internet services.  Hedberg Moving Solutions welcomes the chance to be able to help you with anything and everything that you need.

Apartment moving in Minneapolis during the early spring and late winter has the potential to be a very stressful experience.  If you make the smart choice to select Hedberg Moving Solutions as your moving company, however, you will find it to be a pleasant and stress-free experience.

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