Nobody should ever have to move their entire house into a moving truck alone. It only causes a tremendous amount of stress and fatigue that can make moving into a new home a disaster. Thankfully, Hedberg Moving Solutions has a team of movers that are ready to help you move when you are ready.


Schedule Your Move Day in Advance

To secure your team, you need to need to make a reservation as soon as possible so that we can ensure that you get plenty of help. We recommend securing your date at least two to three months out. This gives us plenty of time to prepare for your move by supplying adequate personnel, equipment, and packaging.


By the time moving day arrives, we will be ready to help you on every level of your move. This includes packing the items, moving them into the truck, and transporting them to your destination. With Hedberg Moving Solutions, you get full-service from professionals you can trust.


Help Us Help You!

Home and business owners often ask us how they can participate in making the move faster and more simplified. Below are some pointers on what you can do before we arrive for moving day.


●        Schedule a day that is set in stone. Make sure your reservation does not change. This means planning enough in advance to give yourself adequate time for all moving arrangements.

●        Pull all items out of closets, drawers, and other storage areas. Group them together and label them. This will help pack them and label them so that we can place them in specific areas in your new home.

●        Set all perishable and valuable items aside. You should have them transported and packaged separate and apart from all other items in your house. Place them in a designated area and inform us that these are your most valuable and delicate items.

●        Let us know what type of packaging and tools you will need. For example, will you need dollies, boxes, blankets, or bungee cable/straps? We have enough equipment and supplies to handle all your needs.

●        Let us know how many movers you think you may need. We can supply as many people as you need. The larger your team is, the fast your move will be.


Take Charge of Your Team

We work best when you tell us what you want and what you need us to do. Have a game plan in mind so that there is no confusion on moving day. Do not be afraid to tell us how you want things done. We are at your serve, and as such, we want you to be 100% satisfied with our work. We are also here to provide professional advice.


Hedberg Moving Solutions is Ready to Move You

When you are ready to schedule your move, then trust Hedberg Moving Solutions with all your moving needs. We can help you make the transition from point A to point B with little to no hassle. We have several years of combined experience moving both residential and commercial properties in Minneapolis and St. Paul Minnesota. You can set your date by calling us at 763-434-6683. 

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