No matter where you’re moving to or from, each situation has its own set of challenges. Such is the case with moving into a condominium. Although the furniture and all your valuables are the same, some things make moving into a condo a unique experience. Below is a checklist of things to remember when into a condominium.


Ask Hedberg About How We Can Help

Condominiums are often stacked on top of each other in a highrise. This can complicate moving your items to several levels. We recommend recruiting a team of Hedberg Moving Solutions movers to help get the heavy stuff up and down the stairs or elevator. We have the equipment and manpower that you’ll need to transport all your items without damaging or bringing harm to your or your family.


Schedule Your Moving Date Carefully

You may not know that managers and staff in many complexes do not work on Saturdays - the most popular moving day of the week in Minneapolis. Therefore, you should call ahead to find out when is the best time to move into the condo. Schedule your plans ahead of time so that you can lock in your date. You’ll also want to ask when the condo business hours are throughout the week.


Allow for Condo Preparations or Renovations

Condos are like apartments or rental houses. Once someone moves out, it takes a few days for the facility to be ready for the next owners or renters. In some cases, take a few weeks. When you secure a condo, plan several weeks in advance to give the facility time to make the necessary renovations to the property.


Inspect the Property Before You Move In

Before we move you into your new place, you’ll need to inspect it to make sure that everything in the condominium is in good working condition, aesthetically pleasing, and there is no structural damage. Do a walkthrough with the condominium manager and go over every detail. Of the interior and exterior. Once we move everything into the place, it will be more difficult for you to identify any imperfections in the condominium.


What Can You Move In? What Can You Not?

Some condominiums have restrictions on what items you can bring with you to move in. Check with the property manager to find out what you can bring with you and what you can’t. While many condos will allow you to bring almost anything, some will have stringent restrictions. You may have to store some of your belongings. If so, we provide moving storage in climate-controlled units. Contact us to find out more information about our storage units.


Hedberg is Your Condo Moving Company in Minneapolis

Whether you’re moving into a home or a condominium, Hedberg Moving Solutions is an apartment moving company you can trust for all your moving needs. We provide a wide range of services and products that will make your move efficient and hassle-free. To schedule a move date, call us at 763-434-6683, or you can message us on our contact page. We provide services for both homeowners and businesses in Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota. 

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