Moving from a home to an assisted living facility can be challenging on many levels. It’s difficult to ask seniors to leave the house they’ve lived in for a long time and move into a strange facility that may appear to be cold and impersonal. Hedberg Moving Solutions tailors our senior moving service to meet the needs of those who are older and need help transitioning the next phase of their lives. We offer more than just a standard moving service. We give you or your senior relatives personalized attention and do everything we can to make your moving experience as smooth and pain-free as possible.


What Our Senior Moving Service Provides:

Since moving seniors is a unique experience, we provide a customized moving experience for your particular needs. Here is what we can do for you:


●        Help you design and arrange the furniture in your new place to your exact specifications. We want you to feel at home. Tell us where you want it, and we’ll place it there.


●        We can help you set up your home so that it’s ready to put on the market. Do you need to us to arrange anything, remove anything, or add anything? We can do it.


●        If you can’t take it all with you, then we can remove it from your home. We can downsize your furniture and other items you no longer want and take it to a recycling or disposal facility.


●        We can help you decorate your new place by hanging items on the wall, setting up your electronics, and organizing everything, so that have easy access and comfort.


●        Organize any other rooms in your new place so that you can easily find anything you need. We can set up your closet, kitchen, and bathroom.


Packing and Unpacking Services

Do you need help packing everything up in boxes? Do you have a difficult time finding people to do it for you? Hedberg Moving Solutions are Minneapolis movers that have the experience and training necessary to help you pack everything up. We take extra care of all your valuables to preserve them during the transition. You can hire an entire team of home movers to go through every room until your whole house is clean. Just call us and schedule a date to pack.


Your Preferred Home Moving Company in Minneapolis

Hedberg Moving Solutions has a built a reputation in Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota as a home or apartment moving company you can depend on to get from old house to new destination. We offer local and long distance moving to any place you need to go. We are also a business moving company that can help you relocate. To schedule a moving date, call us at 763-434-6683 today.

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