As you’re moving in or out of Minneapolis, you may discover that you can’t quite fit everything into the new home. No problem. Hedberg Moving Solutions offers a clean, secure, climate-controlled storage warehouse that is the ideal solution for all your storage needs. The question now is what to put in storage and what not to put in storage. We answer that question below. If you have any further questions, please contact us today. We can secure storage unit as we help you pack and move.


5 Things to Put in Storage


1.      Not Being Used. If you have items that you’re not using but can’t bear to part with, we recommend putting them in storage. Keeping them with you will only clutter the house.

2.      Hand-me-downs. Rather than store your hand-me-downs in a hot attic or a damp basement, try our climate-controlled storage units. You’ll never have to worry about humidity or heat damaging your possessions.

3.      Transports. Instead of blocking the driveway or clutter the garage with your boats, ATVs, or RVs, try storing them in secure storage unit large enough for transports.

4.      Sharing Space. Moving in with a roommate has its financial perks, but trying to combine everything in an apartment or condo may be too much. Try storing some of your things for a while to free up space.

5.      Seasonal. Can’t find a place for the Christmas tree? How about your winter wardrobe? If you only pull it out a specific time of year, we recommend securing it in a storage unit.


5 Things NOT to Put in Storage


1.      Valuables. You should never store jewelry, heirlooms, expensive furniture, or other valuable items in a storage unit no matter how safe it is.

2.      Toxic Materials. Anything that has the potential to create substantial damage if opened or spilled is considered a hazardous material. Corrosive, flammable or explosive materials are strictly forbidden to place in storage.

3.      Personal Information. Keep all bank account information, accounting, taxes, and other personal information with you at all times. You should never put it in a storage unit.

4.      Food. If you put food in storage, you’ll be attracting pests. No matter how tightly sealed a storage unit, animals have a way of getting in and eating the food.

5.      Plants. Although storage climates may be ideal for plants, they will eventually die from lack of sunlight.


Moving & Storage Service From Hedberg Moving Solutions

Moving can be a stressful time. This is why you should hire Hedberg Moving Solutions for all your moving solutions. We offer moving transportation, packing services, and climate-controlled storage units. Our services extend to New Brighton, Minneapolis, and St. Paul, Minnesota. To schedule a move date, call us at 763-434-6683, or you can message us on our contact page.

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