The key to an excellent packing experience is loading as few boxes as possible. What this means for Minneapolis movers is strategically placing items in boxes so and making the best use of space. There are different box sizes that we use for different purposes. Each volume can hold various items with maximum weight capacity. Below are our recommendations for how to pack different box sizes.


Small Boxes


Dimension: 16”W x 12”L x 12”D


As you’re putting items in boxes, you need to keep in mind how much weight the box can hold, as well as how much weight professional home movers in Minneapolis can carry. Therefore, small moving boxes are great for packing small but heavy items. Smaller is great for kitchens and bathroom where you have lots of small accessories. Items to place in a small box could include:


●        Tools

●        Small appliances such as a clock or toaster

●        Canned Foods

●        Sheet sets

●        Media - movies, CD’s, vinyl, books

●        Vases


Medium Boxes


Dimension: 18”W x 18”L x 16”D


Medium moving boxes are ideal for packing small or medium-sized items of up to 65lbs. Once you go over the preferred weight limit, you or your packing crew are carrying too much weight. If you can’t pick up a medium box, get someone to help you. We recommend hiring a Hedberg moving crew to pack and carry all your boxes for you. We use a fast process of packing everything without damaging any of your valuables. Items that you could place in a medium box could include:


●        Small appliances - clocks, toaster, blender, coffee maker

●        Toys and video games

●        Mixing bowls or Tupperware

●        Medium-sized household items


Large Boxes


Dimension: 18”W x 18”L x 24”D


Don’t let the size fool you. Large boxes are designed to carry sizable, but lightweight items. Like the medium boxes, larger boxes should never exceed 65 lbs in weight. You should reserve for bulky items that won’t fit in a small or medium box. There are several objects in your home that matched this description. If you’re going to pack delicate items in larger boxes, we can help you pad them so that they don’t break en route to your destination. Examples of items you would put into a larger box include:


●        Lampshades

●        Stereo Speakers

●        Board Games

●        Stuffed Animals or pillows

●        Towels and Linens


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