As residential and commercial Minneapolis Movers, we are prohibited from transporting certain items for legal or safety reasons. Below is a list of items that Minnesota or Federal law prohibits us from moving either in-state or across state lines. Many of the items below contain combustible products, flammable products, plants or soil, certain pets, aerosols, and, of course, anything that is considered illegal by nature such as narcotics. If you have a question about any of your valuables, check with Hedberg Moving Solutions.


1. Hazardous Materials

Although not all hazardous materials are illegal, some are dangerous. Thus, you should never transport them in a moving truck or a personal vehicle. Combustible materials can cause a fire. Hazardous waste can lead to corrosion and damage either the moving truck or the contents inside. Although most hazardous materials are made of liquid, some solids or gases are also dangerous. Some examples of hazardous materials include:


●        Aerosols

●        Acids

●        Automotive fluids

●        Industrial cleaning supplies

●        Fire extinguishers


2. Pets

If you plan to take your pet with you to your new home, we recommend that you make arrangements to place the pet in a cage or secure area in your personal vehicle. Hedberg Moving Solutions does not allow your pet to ride in the moving truck. Transporting your pet in a commercial truck for relocation purposes is illegal in many states. If you are unable to transport you pet, you may want to try the following transportation:


●         A carrier from a pet store, online, or your vet.

●         Professional pet movers/shippers

●         Airfare for accepted pets.


3. Plants and soil

The environment in a moving truck can harm or kill a houseplant. You may need to check with the state of Minnesota before moving your plants. Some vegetation requires a license to relocate from one state to another. Some plants contain diseases, pests, and other harmful substances.




4. Guns, Ammo, and Firearms

Check with your state to find out about laws and regulations regarding transporting guns and ammo from state to the next. Placing ammunition in a moving truck is highly dangerous. We suggest that you properly dispose of ammunition before your move. Doing so will eliminate any risk associated with the ammo.


5. Other Items

Business and home moving companies in Minneapolis will not move perishable food, cleaning supplies, or liquor. Movers should never place highly valuable items in a moving truck either. We can move some items like power tools and yard equipment. We cannot move them if they contain any gasoline. Please drain the gas from all your engine-based equipment. 


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