When undergoing the monumental task of moving, take care to keep your floors from getting damaged when in the packing and unpacking process. Why trust your packing to just anyone? Hedberg Moving Solutions is a home moving company in Minneapolis, Minnesota. We provide full packing services, crating, storage, and trucks to get you moved quickly and conveniently. Let’s examine why careful packing is the key to a successful move and how to ensure your floors stay as expected.


Invest in Plastic Sheeting

When you are moving out of a place with carpeted floors, you should have some plastic sheeting handy. Plastic will keep your carpets clean and protect them from dirt or stains that come from moving things in and out of boxes. The carpet film protector also creates a route for you or your movers. Using plastic as walkways will eliminate the additional wear and tear on heavy traffic areas of your carpet. If you are using a professional moving company, they typically provide this material as part of the packing service.


Use Moving Blankets

When sliding heavy objects across the floor, such as boxes and furniture, use a moving blanket. A heavy quilt underneath the item will allow it to slide while protecting your hardwood or tile floors. You can also use these blankets to cover staircase banisters and columns from getting damaged by boxes and furniture going past. Merely drape them around exposed areas and use packing tape to secure and fasten.


Tape Down Flattened Cardboard Boxes

Create an additional barrier of protection for your hard or tile floors by taping large, flat cardboard boxes to the floors where there will be a lot of movement. You and your moving team can pack or unpack with peace of mind knowing the flooring surface is not getting scuffed or scratched. You can use the same moving boxes for this purpose.


Consider Using a Moving Company

Save yourself the hassle of packing and unpacking by hiring a professional packing service. Packing is the biggest challenge of your move. Why not lower your stress and hire a moving company? Fully customized packing services are available from most movers. A moving company will help keep your floors clean and damage free so that you can focus on the rest of your relocation.


Looking for a Home Moving Company in Minneapolis?

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