If you are moving in or out of a major metropolitan area, there will be a unique set of challenges before you. If this is your first time moving to or from a big city, it’s helpful to evaluate how realistic your expectations are. Hedberg Moving Solutions, home movers in Minneapolis, assists you with navigating the terrain of relocating to or from a vast metropolis. Below are some helpful tips for your metro area move.


Do Your Research

Whether you are moving to a city or the suburbs, arm yourself with as much knowledge as possible. Check out the local school districts, transportation, cost of living, health care, and taxes. You want to make sure you are moving to a place that best suits your needs and lifestyle. Contact local realtors to have someone show you around and get a feel for the area. Realtors often have extensive knowledge of the local community that can help identify your own set of pros and cons.


Changes In Your Commute

Are you planning on trading in your subway ticket for a car? Typically you will need a vehicle if you are moving to a suburban or rural area. In the city, it is often inefficient and difficult to own a car. Public transportation is your friend as traffic and parking can make getting around in a car unbearable. You should calculate the length and time of your commute to work and factor in how much time is too much for your well being. In a large city, plan on arriving 30 minutes before your predetermined time as delays are a daily and expected problem. Public transport is much more limited outside of metro areas so if you are outside the city make sure you have a reliable vehicle.


The Size and Needs Of Your Home

One of the biggest draws out of the city is the increase in space available. It’s important to consider the amount of square footage you and your family need before you commit to moving. If you are a minimalist who is perfectly fine with cozy living quarters and keeping a majority of your belongings in storage, then city living probably suits you. Just keep in mind the cost of your living quarters are going to be much higher than in a suburban area. The need for a yard, pool, or extra bedrooms tilts the odds in favor that you will be happier outside of a large metropolis.


Consider Using a Moving Company

Serious planning is must when moving to or from a metropolitan area. A local moving company will help you overcome the city obstacles of narrow staircases, limited parking, and dense traffic. Here are just a few tasks a home moving company can do for you:


●        Pack belongings

●        Disassemble furniture

●        Physically load and unload

●        Reassemble furniture

●        Unpack to your final destination


Hiring a professional takes the hassle out of city moving so that you can focus on the rest of your relocation needs.


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