When the moving truck arrives at your home, things will go smoothly if you have a game plan for packing the truck. If you’re like most homeowners, you may not know how to pack a truck.


Hedberg Moving Solutions offers complete packing services for homeowners in New Brighton and Minneapolis, Minnesota. You can take advantage of our complete services. If you decide you want to pack the truck yourself, however, here some tips to guide you along the way.


#1 Reserve the Right Size Rental Truck


It’s better to rent a moving truck that is too big than to rent one that is too small. Whether big or small, however, you should try to rent a truck that is as close to the perfect size as possible.


There is a way to estimate what size truck you will need. First, you need to decide what is going with you and what you are going to give or throw away. Once you have narrowed your truckload to what you are taking with you, you can use this quick and handy measurement chart:


●        26' will move 4+ bedrooms

●        24' will move 3-4 bedrooms

●        17' will move 2-3 bedrooms

●        14' will move 1-2 bedrooms

●        10' will move a studio or small 1-bedroom apartment


Keep in mind, the chart already assumes you’ll have items in other rooms such as the kitchen, living room, and bathrooms.


#2 Use Boxes, Bags, and Containers


If one or more objects fit in a small, medium, or large box, then you should store them in a box. Pad the box, and protect the items inside. All blankets, pillows, linens, clothing, and curtain should go in puncture-free bags. Tiny items should be organized in small containers.


Label everything and protect everything. The guiding principle is this: Don’t allow any loose items to enter the truck. Keeping everything in labeled boxes, bags, and containers will help you to organize your packing and save space in the truck.


#3 Pack the Truck in the Proper Order


You should follow a tried-and-true method when packing the truck. If a professional packing crew does your packing for you, then generally follow this method. Here is the order:


●        Place the heaviest items in the front of the truck. Heaviest items include your refrigerator, washer and dryer, large dressers.

●        Desks and tables should go in the middle of the truck. You can place boxes above and below desks and tables.

●        Mattresses and box springs should go along the left side of the truck. They should be in the middle next to the desk or table.

●        Sofas and couches should go along the right side of the truck. They should be in the middle next to the desk or table.

●        Large boxes should be placed in the back of the truck. Small boxes go behind and around the larger boxes.


Moving Services in Minneapolis, Minnesota


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