Commercial MovingDo not expect your staff to do all of the moving for your company when changing offices. Our commercial moving service has been handling office moving jobs for years and we know all of the little details that need to be attended to. Our staff is fully trained to move valuable, heavy, and fragile items so you do not need to worry about losing an important piece of your business in a move. One of the most important goals when moving a business is reduction of downtime, after all if you are not set up to work, you are likely not making money. We reduce your office downtime with efficient commercial moving services. We have been doing commercial moves for years and understand the need for fast efficiency in a Minneapolis moving company.

Tips For a Successful Commercial Move

  • Do not move unnecessary items, a move is a great time to consolidate the valuable and discard of the useless items that take up valuable space in your office.

  • Label boxes that are vital for your business to run as "open first" so you and your staff can return to work as quickly as possible.

  • Do not forget to change your address as soon as possible, even before the actual move so you do not miss a single business correspondence.

  • Mail out business cards, letter head and flyers with your new address so you do not lose a customer who cannot locate you during or after the move.

  • Stay connected to your neighbors and contacts at your old location even when you move.

  • Use a commercial moving service with years of experience to help with all of the details of the move.

  • As a team leader be involved with the various steps of the move. This does not mean you need to do any heavy lifting, but asking an intern to get coffee and donuts for your staff the morning of the last day, or showing up occasionally shows that the move is a positive thing. Then continue to keep staff moral up with a celebration of the move when you arrive at your new location.

Business Options For The Big Relocation

  • We offer a variety of corporate relocation services so you can choose the level of service that meets your exact needs.

  • A corporate relocation specialist will assist you with every aspect of the move so nothing is neglected and work can resume sooner.

  • Our professionals offer assistance in laying out the office to maximize efficiency every step of the way.

  • We will come to your office to discuss your needs and give a free estimate.

Our staff wears recognizable uniforms so your staff will know exactly who to turn to with questions about the move or packing. We offer free use of packing materials such as shrink wrap, padding, and labels. Our staff is professional so you and your staff will be comfortable every step of the way. Our trucks are clean, and we offer free floor protection so there are to worries about damage to the office building or the materials being relocated.

Keep in mind that there are a few things that a Minneapolis moving company cannot move due to Michigan state laws. Products that cannot be transported in a move include flammable, or combustible products, plants, pets, aerosols, and of course any illegal products.

Contact Hedberg Moving Solutions today for a free in office estimate. We have moved business equipment, furniture and supplies to new office spaces all over Minneapolis and the surrounding areas. We will make your transition as smooth and quick as possible due to our years of experience with all of the details of corporate moving.

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