One of the most daunting realizations you may come to when preparing for your move is how much stuff you have amassed over the years. When the garage is crammed, the closets cannot give another inch, and the shed out back has no room for one more item, you know it’s time to liquidate.


Getting rid of your stuff is much harder than collecting it. The problem is compounded if you are under time constraints and have to meet a quick deadline for moving into your new place.


With a little planning and an aggressive strategy, you can leave all your unwanted stuff behind. Hedberg Moving Solutions can help you pack, load the truck, and drive you to your destination. However, getting rid of your stuff is something you’ll have to do on your own.

1. Have a Yard Sale

Yard sales are always a gamble, and they rarely turn out exactly how you want them to. Even if you heavily advertise and tell all your friends, you are not likely to get rid of everything. However, yard sales are a great starting point and can help you unload a lot of items that you didn’t even think would sell. Someone else may haul your stuff away.


Here’s a tip: Thrift stores are always looking for used stuff to sell at rock bottom prices. There are dozens of thrift stores in Minneapolis. Some of them will come to your home and take your entire inventory while offering a lump sum. Take the money and give it all way in one swoop. Be sure you sort everything out first, or it could turn into a scavenger hunt.

2. Sell Your Stuff Online

There are dozens of websites where you can sell your stuff. Some of the most popular sites include:


●        eBay

●        Amazon

●        Craigslist

●        Facebook buy and sell community pages

●        Twitter

●        Pinterest

●        Bonus:


For smartphone-savvy sellers, you may want to check out these apps:


●        Facebook, Nextdoor

●        Varage sell

●        OffUp, Shpock

●        Yardsale Treasure Map

●        Clutter

3. Donate Your Unwanted Clothing

If you are like most people, you probably have clothing all over your closet, under your bed, shoved in your dresser drawer, and packed in boxes in the attic. Not to mention your spouse’s clothing and the kids' collections. When hiring home movers in Minneapolis, the last thing you want is to take all that with you.


Since you’re not wearing most of your wardrobe, it’s time to give it away. Trying to sell your clothes is too much of a hassle, and you won’t make much money anyway. It’s better to give it away to those who might need it. It’s a win-win situation. Less for you, more for others.


There are several places across Minneapolis (and other cities) that you can give your clothing away:


●        The Salvation Army

●        Sharing & Caring Hands

●        Habitat for Humanity Thrift Stores

●        Arc’s Value Village

●        Epilepsy Foundation of Minnesota

●        Joseph’s Coat


Some of these places will actually buy your clothing. However, if you are feeling charitable just drop them by and give them away for nothing.

Home Moving Company in Minneapolis

Once you’ve gotten rid of everything, it’s time to pack, load the truck, and head to your destination. Hedberg Moving Solutions can help you every step of the way. We offer complete moving and storage services for homeowners moving to or from Minneapolis, Minnesota.


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