Moving can be rough on the body. Heavy objects, unpleasant weather, and constant use of the same muscles over long periods can quickly deplete a person’s energy while increasing the possibility of injury.


Hedberg Moving Solutions offers professional moving service that can help prevent injuries and health issues related to packing and moving. Below are some common health and safety issues that we observe with home or business owners that attempt to do all the work when relocating.

Lifting Heavy Items Incorrectly With No Support

Refrigerators, pianos, washers and dryers, dresser drawers, couches, recliners, wardrobes, and items in the garage are all hefty objects that require strength and skill to load and unload into a truck. Sadly, many homeowners life these items improperly and with no back or leg support.


Lifting household items that are beyond your ability can cause spine, knee, or shoulder injuries. It’s better to hire a professional crew to do the heavy lifting for you. Hedberg Minneapolis movers are trained to lift bulky items safely and efficiently. We can do the work for you so that you avoid injuries.

Trying to Operate a Moving Truck

Moving truck length is between 12 feet and 26 feet long. The larger the truck, the harder it is to navigate. But even small trucks can be challenging to drive for people with no experience. Yet homeowners try to save a few dollars by renting and operating trucks from cheap moving services. This can result in a wide range of problems including injuries and property damage.


A practical solution is to hire a moving company that can do the driving for you. Professional drivers can help you arrive at your destination safely because they have been properly trained to do so.

Overpacking Moving Boxes

Putting a cumbersome item into a small box can cause injury if while you are carrying the box, it falls out the bottom. Packing boxes were designed to hold a maximum weight. The chart shows boxes and recommended weight limits.


●        1.5 cubic foot moving box (16 x 12½ x 12½ inches) = under 50 pounds

●        3.0 cubic foot moving box (18 x 18 x 16) = up to 65 pounds

●        4.5 cubic foot moving box (18 x 18 x 24) = up to 65 pounds

●        6.0 cubic foot moving box (22 x 22 x 21 ½) = up to 70 pounds

●        6.1 cubic foot moving box (24 x 18 x 24) = up to 65 pounds


As you can see from the chart above, your heaviest box should top out at 70 pounds. Anything more substantial than that and you risk items dumping out or back problems from the weight. Hedberg Moving Solutions offers professional packing services. Our crew can pack the boxes for you and load or unload them to and from the truck.

Fatigue, Dehydration, and Overheating

Overexertion is a common problem with amateur movers. One of the main reasons homeowners exceed their physical limitations is that they are in a hurry. Feeling the stress of getting the job done as fast as possible usually happens as a result of poor planning and limited time allowance.


You can plan your move with Hedberg Moving Solutions. We can help you schedule moving day several weeks or months in advance. We can give you plenty of time to pack, move to your new home, and unpack so that you don’t feel stress. We can also do all the work for you so that you can manage the move instead of wearing yourself out trying to do it all.

Professional Home Moving Company in Minneapolis

If you are dreading your upcoming relocation, contact Hedberg Moving Solutions today. We provide packing and driving services to and from Minneapolis. We can also secure a climate-controlled storage unit for you.


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