If you and your family are moving to Minneapolis or any other metro area from a rural area, you may be in for a few surprises. You need to prepare yourself for challenges you will face as soon as you arrive in the city.


Below, we address some of the most common challenges that people experience when hauling the belongings and their family into a major metro area. If you have any further questions or need to schedule a moving date with Hedberg Moving Solutions, then feel free to give us a call at 763-434-6683.

Traffic, Traffic, and More Traffic

The traffic in a large city never slows down. There is no such thing as downtime. Furthermore, you are likely to run into a traffic jam before you reach your destination. While this is something that locals are used to, this can be nerve-racking for a family worried that their entire household is inside a box with wheels.


Here are some tips for dealing with metro traffic.


●        Take your time and don’t be in a rush. You should expect delays, traffic jams, and long waits before you turn off your exits.

●        Drive somewhere between the speed limit and flow of traffic. Driving too slow in traffic can be just as dangerous as speeding. So try to keep up or slow down - whichever applies to your driving habits.

●        If possible, try to stay in the far right lane and allow other drivers to pass. Driving in the middle or left lanes will cause road rage and a possible accident.

●        Last, prepare yourself to switch lanes or get off your exit in advance. Do not wait until the last minute. For instance, if you know your exit is coming up, then try to get in the exit lane at least two miles before you turn.

Confirm All Move-In Arrangements Before You Arrive

Although you may think that living in a metro area gives you instant access to anything you want when you want it, you may be surprised that this is not the case. Therefore, you may want to make all the arrangements before you arrive such as:


●        Turn on all utilities.

●        Forward your mail and know where it is going.

●        Bring extra food to eat for two to three days after you move in.

●        If you’re moving into a rental home or apartment, make all arrangements so that you are guaranteed entry into your new place upon arrival.

●        If you have any friends or family living in the city, let them know your arrival date and time.

●        Make all necessary arrival arrangements with Hedberg Moving Solutions. We can provide a moving crew to help you unload your household items and take care of the truck and equipment.

Professional Moving Solutions in Minneapolis

Whether you are moving to or from Minneapolis, Minnesota, Hedberg Moving Solutions can help you with packing, loading, and driving services. We are your home and business moving company in Minneapolis.


To find out more about the services we offer or to reserve a move date, call us at 763-434-6683. You can also message us on our contact page.

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