How successful you are on moving day depends on how well you prepared for this life-changing transition. Part of planning for the day includes engaging with your Hedberg Moving Solutions Minneapolis mover.


We will send a crew of capable movers who bring all the equipment and the truck. They will be prepared to accommodate you in any way possible. The rest is up to you. For us to do our job efficiently and safely, we recommend the following tips:


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Avoid Last Minute Preparations

We recommend that you have everything prepared for the moving truck and crew the night before. Last minute preparations almost always cause problems and tension. You will inevitably make a mistake at the last minute that you may regret once we start packing or get on the road.


Last minute preparations may include:


●        Changing the time or date of your move

●        Reshuffling your household items in different boxes

●        Changing the size of the truck, you’ll need

●        Requesting additional boxes or other moving equipment

●        And last, adjusting the number of movers you will need for the job

Create a Safe Path for the Movers

Your Hedberg Solutions Movers are trained to handle almost any moving situation. Also, you can help us create a safe environment for moving. The best way to do this is to clear a safe path for us so that we can load everything on the truck without injury.


When we arrive, please help us find the best place to park the truck, keep the main entry free from all clutter and let us know in advance of any areas that will present a challenge. For instance, if we need to move furniture down a narrow staircase, we may have specialized equipment that will help us protect the furniture and avoid an injury. If you let us know in advance, we can bring the equipment.

Have a Game Plan for Moving

Loading household items into a moving truck require strategic planning. Much of that planning has to do with which items you value the most or how you want them arranged. Consider the following:


●        Gather your most valuable or fragile items and group them.

●        Let us know which items in your house are the heaviest.

●        Assign specific tasks to volunteers. Everyone needs to know his or her role.

●        Make special arrangements for someone to watch your kids or pets.

Manage the Movers

One person needs to be in charge on moving day. Whether it is you or someone else, too many ‘bosses’ create chaos and confuse our movers. So assign yourself or another person to direct everyone else. Preferably, it needs to be the person who planned the day out and knows the location of all items.


A single manager can keep everything organized and running smoothly until we pack the last time.

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Hedberg Moving Solutions has built a strong reputation as a moving company that you can trust to move your entire home. We value our clients and work hard so that you are 100% satisfied with all aspect of our service.


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