Every family should have a support system in place when moving to or from a city like Minneapolis, Minnesota. The question is, now that you’ve assembled your support team, how do you utilize each person.


Your move will go as planned if each person has a role and a purpose for being there. You’ll also want to consider how many home movers in Minneapolis you’ll be hiring. Once you balance the professionals and the volunteers, you’ll be ready to pack the truck and head out.


Below are some tips on how to get the most out of your volunteers.

Get the Move Date on the Calendar

Moving companies, volunteers, friends, and family all have schedules and busy lives. Get a move date on the calendar and let everyone know weeks in advance. Contact Hedberg Moving Solutions as soon as you decide on a date so that we can book your move.


Confirm the date with all of your volunteers. Try to get firm commitments in advance so that you know exactly how many people will show up. Decide how many professional movers you need to hire and have everything ready for our crew to work on the move date.

Assign Tasks to Talent

You know what talents your friends and family possess. Therefore, assign tasks that each person is naturally gifted at doing. Who is your go-to person for the following responsibilities?


●        Cleaning

●        Carrying, loading, and packing

●        Taking inventory

●        Labeling

●        Organizing the truck


The only role that you should fulfill on moving day is that of the manager. Somebody has to be in charge, and it might as well be you. Everyone will be asking questions, and they’ll be looking to you for answers.

Be Careful With Your Valuables

There are some high-value items that you may not trust anyone else to handle. Set those items aside and have a plan in place for packing them and loading them in a particular location on your own.


You do not want anyone else to be responsible for breaking any of your items. If you need special packing supplies or boxes, Hedberg Moving Solutions has everything you need for securing your delicate, valuables. If you need someone with training and experience to handle your valuable items, our team is capable of moving your treasured items safely to your destination.

Have Everything Packed in Advance

The best way to keep moving day organized is to have all your items wrapped up, boxed, and secured before everyone shows up. You may even want to organize all the boxes according to how you want them to go on the truck.


If you need help packing before the big day, Hedberg Moving Solutions can provide a team of professional packers to organize and pack all of your household items precisely the way you want them. Homeowners across Minneapolis trust us to pack their valuables every day.

Hedberg Moving Solutions is Ready to Move You

When you are ready to schedule your move, trust Hedberg Moving Solutions with all of your moving needs. We can help you make the transition to your new home as hassle-free and as safe as possible.


We have several years of combined experience moving both residential and commercial properties in Minneapolis and St. Paul Minnesota. To find out more about the moving services we offer or to reserve a move date, call us at 763-434-6683. You can also message us on our contact page.

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