Starter HomeMake Moving Out Of Your Starter Home An Easy Experience

The term "starter home" may sound new to many people at today's age. Yet it is actually a term from back during the time of World War II, according to MSN Real Estate. Young couples who would begin living their lives together would purchase a starter home as the house gave them the basics that they needed for a practical life.

It was believed that the starter home would allow them to build home equity as the young couple could stow away money for the future as their income grew. When the time came to move into their second home, they would be able to get a bigger house for their now larger family as the home has all the amenities they needed so they could life there for the rest of their lives.

Nowadays, couples are told by real estate industry experts that they should "go big" with their first home. Get all the room and amenities you need now as then later you can buy a bigger or smaller home based on life changes. Unfortunately, with buying the bigger starter home, it also means buying all the furnishings to make it comfortable for several years. When people are ready to move out of the starter home, they deal with moving nightmares of how to store and move all of their possessions.

Making The Move From Your Starter Home In Minneapolis

If you have decided to move from your starter home in Minneapolis, it can be tough to figure out what to do with all of your possessions. Family members simply don't have the storage space for the items. Yet you don't want to hold a yard sale until you get all the things to the new place so you can pick and choose which furnishings stay and which items get sold based on what fits in the rooms. Make the move from your starter home with a professional moving service that gives you options.

Other local moving companies are only interested in throwing your stuff into the back of the truck and getting it to the other location as they dump everything in the front room. They don't help you pack or will provide storage options for your possessions. Yet Hedberg Moving Solutions offer professional moving services to relieve your stress and help you with all aspects of your move.

We provide packing services that are tailored to your preferences. All furnishings and other items are carefully wrapped and packed with care as if we are moving our own possessions. Our process lessens the risks of your items becoming broken during transportation. We also provide apartment moving and condo moving in the following service areas of Minnesota:

  • Minneapolis
  • St Paul
  • Twin Cities
  • Metro Area

Hedberg Moving Solutions Secure Storage Facilities Available in Minneapolis 

Not everyone moves into a larger house after selling a starter home. You may need a smaller home as you have too many possessions to fit on the new property. Yet you may not want to get rid of any of your possessions due to sentimental reasons or you believe that you will one day move into a bigger house that can hold all of your things. Instead of trying to find friends and family members to store your items, which could be damaged, have your Minneapolis movers store the items for you.

We offer climate-controlled storage facilities so your furniture and possessions are at the ideal temperature to keep them from becoming damaged by extreme heat, cold or high humidity. Also, we offer the highest security measures for your items so you don't have to worry about someone trying to break into a friend's garage or family member's basement when they go on vacation.

So make the move from your starter home the best experience it can possibly be. Hire a professional Minneapolis moving company that offers all the services to transport and store your possessions in a safe and secure manner.

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