When you live in a snowy climate, moving during winter might be more challenging than relocating during any other time of the year. Hazardous roadways, inclement weather, and jam-packed holiday schedules can make any relocation more stressful than it needs to be. But with plenty of preparation, safety precautions, and a little luck, your winter move can go off without a hitch.

To help you outline what you’ll need to do to make your winter relocation as low stress as possible, the pros at Hedberg Moving Solutions share winter moving tips below.

Try to Avoid a Holiday Move

If your schedule allows it, try to avoid moving during the week of the Christmas and New Year’s holidays. It’s winter break, kids are out of school, parents have time off from work, and like you, other relocators will likely try to schedule their move during this time.

If you know can’t avoid moving during the major holiday week, try to schedule your move as early as possible if you plan to hire a moving company. Movers can book out weeks in advance and if you don’t snag your preferred spot on their schedule early, you might get one at all.

Make Contingency Plan for Your Move

Winter weather can easily throw an unexpected wrench in even the best-laid moving plans. That’s why it’s so important to have a Plan B in the event that something goes wrong suddenly. While certain mishaps and interruptions are entirely out of your control, some situations — like impassible roadways and vehicle troubles — are things you can handle pretty easily.

So what kind of contingency plans should you make? Just a few of the situations you should consider planning for include:

●        Severe storms. Even if you watch the weather diligently, there’s always a chance that a severe snowstorm could pop up out of nowhere. You need to plan for this. Consider planning an alternate time or day for your move to accommodate unpredictable weather.

●        Icy, dangerous roadways. If you’re making a long-distance move, it can be difficult to determine road conditions on various legs of your trip. Mountain passes can become super icy and hazardous in a matter of hours, and attempting to traverse them in a massive moving truck could seriously endanger your safety. If you know you’ll be traveling through areas where the roads can get dicey, plan at least one alternate route.

●        Vehicle malfunction. Freezing temperatures can cause sudden vehicle problems that can put a serious wrench in your move. Whether the issue stems from a moving truck or your own vehicle, you’ll need to have a backup plan in place. If you’re hiring a professional moving company, ask about their standard protocol should any of their moving vehicles malfunction in the cold. And of course, create a backup plan if your own vehicle develops problems, too. 

●        Auto accidents. No one wants to imagine being involved in a collision during a move, but it’s something you need to consider. You never know when you might hit an icy patch of pavement or when another driver might lose control of their vehicle. Furthermore, it’s impossible to know when you might happen upon a major accident that makes your intended travel route impassible.

Hire a Professional Moving Company

Moving during winter is notoriously difficult, especially in cold, snowy climates. But hiring a professional moving company can make the entire process much less tedious and stressful. Even if you’re currently gravitating toward a DIY move, hiring professional movers and packers is at least worth considering. When you work with the pros, you’ll get access to a variety of benefits, including:

●        Full moving and packing services. If you opt for a comprehensive moving package, your movers will pack, load, transport, and unpack your belongings for you. This service alone can save you dozens of hours of work and stress.

●        Protective packing materials. The pros are trained in packing best practices and use high-quality, protective packing materials to transport your belongings. You’ll have peace of mind throughout your move knowing that your items are well protected.

●        Protective materials for your house. If you’re moving large items like furniture and appliances, professional movers will lay down floor protection and other protective materials to prevent damage to your home.

●        Appliance moving. Moving appliances on your own can be a major challenge, especially in winter. Appliance movers have the appropriate transport equipment to safely move your things onto the truck and get them to your new home without damage or injury.

●        Furniture moving. Disassembling, packing, transporting, unloading, and reassembling furniture is an incredibly time-consuming task and a major headache to boot. Furniture movers know how to complete the job as efficiently and safely as possible to keep your move timeline on track and your furniture undamaged.

Have questions about what to expect when working with professional movers? Check out our frequently asked questions for helpful information!

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