My mother tells a story about a set of dishes that she inherited from her mother, who inherited the set of dishes by her mother. As she tells the story her eye gloss over and her voice goes all quite like. She describes them as being old. The white china offset by the blue picture of willows set in a garden. The story of lovers, she says, Forbidden, romantic and determined. She remembers these dishes from her childhood. How her grandmother would serve her tea and cookies and talk about the story that the pattern on these dishes told. It was a fairy tail of sorts. One that is not found in books, but likely embedded in the hearts of many young girls throughout the Western world. Those dishes were something beyond special to her. They were the physical connection to all of the people she loved in her life. She would tell this story and look down at her hands as though she were holding a plate. Those dishes were smashed when my mother was 27. The box they were packed fell from where it was stacked in the moving company's truck. She lost everything, but a single saucer, which for some odd reason she keep in her sock drawer. My mother died when she was 96 years old and she remembered those dishes right up until her death. 



Property Storage in Minneapolis



Hedberg Moving Solutions, your local Professional Moving Company, does not know the story behind the things that we pack for you, but we know they have value and meaning. Sometimes the meaning is greater than the value. Regardless, we treasure your possessions as if they were my mother's set of dishes. We are professional and experienced people who know how to do our jobs correctly. We never want to have to explain to someone that something precious to them was destroyed by carelessness. Our storage facilities are state of the art. If you need to store your possessions between selling your home and the close of your new home, then we have the perfect secure solution. Our Storage vaults have fire protection and are climate controlled. We provide an alternative to mini-storage units. We are priced competitively and we offer greater security and control over the well being of your possessions. Every box we pack, ship, and store is treated as though it contains my mother's set of dishes. Plus, you pay only once for moving.

Packing Services

We pack your things into crates for even greater security. Each crate is numbered with a red painted number that is tied to your account. On each crate, we put an invoice that contains your account and the box number. Your crates are stored in a unit and not intermingled with other storage vault contents. Each invoice has a total number of boxes listed for your order. Before anything is moved, the box count is confirmed and each box number is checked off the list as it is loaded from our secure vaults and onto the moving truck. We are efficient in moving people and their belongings. That is why we are able to offer significant value and affordable prices. 

Professional Moving Company 

We take a great deal of pride in how we do our job. You do not have to tell us twice that something is valuable, precious, or rare. We treat everything you own as if it is the rarest thing on Earth. We pack your stuff using tissue, padding, bubble wrap, whatever it takes to keep your stuff safe and secure. Each crate is inventoried to your account before we move it to your property storage in Minneapolis. Re can rest assured that we will care for your possessions the way that other professional moving company should have cared for my mother's set of dishes. That is the promise that drives our business at Hedberg Moving Solutions. 

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