Are you planning a local move within the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro? Perhaps you’re moving somewhere else in the great state of Minnesota? If so, you might be contemplating tackling the packing and moving process on your own since it’s only an intrastate relocation. But have you taken the time to consider how much time and labor you’ll need to devote to a DIY move?

At Hedberg Moving Solutions, we know a lot of people assume the move packing and transportation process — especially for shorter moves — is far easier than it really is. But there’s more to the average move than most people realize.

According to recent moving surveys, relocators who hired a professional moving company said it was worth every last dime of their investment. Read on to find out why.

Hiring a Moving Company Is Cost Effective

Hiring professional movers and packers is definitely an investment, but that investment is almost always worth more than what you pay for it. When you consider all the supplies you’ll need to purchase, lease, or rent for a DIY move, the costs certainly add up quickly. Just a few of the expenses associated with a DIY relocation include:

●        Renting a moving truck

●        Renting moving equipment like dollies, floor pads, hand trucks, etc.

●        Buying moving supplies like wardrobe boxes, packing boxes, packing materials, labeling supplies, etc.

●        Paying for fuel costs for the rental truck

●        Paying for insurance on the rental truck

●        Paying late fees and additional mileage costs if your move doesn’t go exactly as planned

●        Taking time off work (and potentially losing income) to pack, load, transport, unload, and unpack your entire home

Aside from monetary expenses, you have to consider the opportunity cost of your move as well. Like your cash, your time is also a resource. And if you have to spend it on your move, that means you can’t spend it anywhere else. How valuable is your time? At the end of the day, that factors into the total cost of your move too.  

When you opt for full packing and moving services, you free up a considerable amount of time to focus on your other life obligations. If you have a demanding career, a busy family, or just a generally full plate, hiring professional movers and packers is well worth the cost.

Professional Movers and Packers Know How to Protect Your Belongings

Properly protecting belongings during the packing process is basically an art form, and it requires considerable training and practice to get right. Professional movers and packers are trained to provide high-level protection for even your most fragile items to ensure they arrive at your new home in pristine condition.

If you have a lot of things you care deeply about, you no doubt want peace of mind knowing they’ll make it through the move intact. That’s what professional packers are trained to deliver. Unless you have extensive knowledge and experience in packing best practices, you simply can’t protect your belongings as well as the pros can.

Working With Packers and Movers Minimizes Your Risk of Injuries

Moving always carries an injury risk, but when you attempt a DIY move, that risk skyrockets. Think about it: Do you know how to safely move your super-heavy couch? What about your bed or your appliances? Do you have the appropriate moving tools and protective equipment to keep yourself safe?

If you’re not trained in safe moving practices, especially for heavy items like appliances and furniture, a single errant move could leave you in a world of hurt. Strains, sprains, hernias, and other injuries aren’t uncommon with DIY moves. When you work with professional movers and packers, however, your likelihood of suffering one of those injuries decreases significantly.

Can you afford to get hurt attempting a DIY relocation? Or potentially be sidelined for weeks after your move? Even if you think it can’t happen, the possibility is always there. 

You Can Choose Your Level of Moving Insurance

When you hire professional movers and packers, liability coverage (released value protection) is required by law. If any of your belongings suffer damage or get lost during the packing, transportation, or unloading process, you can file a claim for reimbursement.

But with released value protection, you’ll only be reimbursed $0.60 per pound per article for each damaged or lost item. Since that’s not super impressive compensation — especially for lighter items that are worth a substantial amount — you can opt for full value protection instead, which offers to repair the damaged item or replace it with a similar product.

If you need more substantial coverage, you can ask your moving company about expanded coverage options like declared value and assessed value. Keep in mind here that when you have liability protection, your movers are not responsible for damaged items contained inside boxes they didn’t pack. That’s why, if you’re planning to hire movers, it’s usually best to opt for full packing services too.

Local Movers Offer Complementary Moving Services

When you hire a reputable local moving company to handle your relocation, you typically have access to a variety of other moving services designed to simplify your move. While these services vary from company to company, they often include highly useful offerings like:

●        Storage solutions

●        Full packing and unpacking services

●        Moving supplies included in the package price

●        Move planning

●        Protection for your floors, walls, and other areas that may be vulnerable to damage during a move

●        Disassembly and reassembly of large furniture pieces

Quality moving companies almost always offer fully customizable services based on your unique relocation needs. When you get in an in-home estimate, simply let your moving team know what you need help with, and they’ll design a moving package just for you.

Hire Minneapolis Movers & Packers for Your Upcoming Relocation

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