If you’ve looked into hiring a moving company for your relocation from the Minneapolis/St. Paul area, you already know professional movers charge a decent amount for their services. And if you’ve already begun collecting service estimates, you may have noticed there are variances in rates between moving companies.

What exactly causes those variances? Several factors play into the overall cost of hiring a moving company, including the experience level of the team, the services you need, and more. If you want to get a better idea of what you can expect in terms of moving company rates, our Hedberg Moving Solutions team is here with some insider insight.

Read on to learn what impacts a moving company’s prices, so you can work on creating a budget for your upcoming relocation. 

Company Experience

When it comes to hiring a moving company, experience matters. And if you hire a company that has a several decade-long track record in the industry, you’ll pay more for that level of skill and experience.

Not only will the company’s base rate likely be a bit higher than less experienced moving companies’ rates, but the employees’ hourly rates may also be higher, too. Since each mover’s salary (or hourly rate) factors into the overall price you’ll end up paying, the more skilled the movers, the more they’ll charge.

Number of Movers Required for the Job

If you’re moving out of a two-bedroom apartment on the first floor of your building, you may only need a couple of movers to get the job done. And the projected cost on your moving estimate you get will reflect that.

But if you’re moving out of a five-bedroom, three-story home, you can bet you’ll need more manpower to accomplish the work in a timely and efficient fashion. Each company’s cost per mover will vary based on the skill and experience level of the moving staff. So if you’re relocating from a large home, be prepared to pay quite a bit more than you would if you were moving out of a smaller dwelling.

Mileage of the Move

How far are you moving? Just across town or across the State of Minnesota? Because the length of your move (aka the total distance the movers must travel) plays a major role in determining the overall cost of hiring movers.

Generally, moving companies charge a base moving rate and then tack on the hourly fee for each mover that will work on the job. For local relocations, some companies may use a flat-rate fee structure as well.

If you’re moving out of state or internationally, the total weight of your goods will also factor into the overall price of hiring a moving company. At Hedberg, we don’t perform interstate or international moves, but we can certainly recommend a reputable company you can trust!

Moving Services You Select

Do you need help moving large furniture or decor pieces? Do those items need to be disassembled for transport? Then you’ll likely pay additional fees for that service and any others you need. Generally, any add-on services aside from loading and transport of your belongings will incur extra fees.

That said, some moving companies elect to include furniture disassembly/assembly in the package when your hire full moving and packing services. If you want a detailed price breakdown of the services you require, ask for an itemized estimate from the companies you choose to get quotes from.

What if you run across companies that won’t give you an itemized estimate? It’s in your best interest to keep looking. There’s a good chance they’ll try to sneak in additional fees if they’re not willing to be fully transparent about how their rates work. 

Full Packing Services

Do you hate packing? You can hire someone to do that for you! But that’s a service you’ll pay extra for, so be prepared for that. Packing can be very time consuming, especially if you own lots of fragile items or things that require special packaging and protection for transport.

You may end up paying an hourly rate for full packing services or a flat fee based on the amount of stuff you need to have packed. Ultimately, the fee structure for packing services will vary based on each company’s preference.

Moving Coverage

When you hire a moving company, you automatically get something called released value protection, which is essentially moving insurance. You don’t need to pay an additional fee to have that coverage, but unfortunately, it’s not very comprehensive and will only reimburse you $0.60 per pound, per damaged or lost item.

If you want better coverage — the type that will reimburse you for the market value of your items — you’ll need to pay an additional fee for that. Just as you pay to insure your vehicle against damage, you can expect to pay a premium to insure your belongings against damage, too. 

Timing of the Move

When demand for professional movers is high, moving rates typically increase. And the most popular time to move is between Memorial Day and Labor Day. If you’re moving during the spring or summer, expect moving company rates to be greater than they are for autumn and winter relocations. Weekends are also more popular than weekdays, so rates may be higher on Saturdays and Sundays, regardless of the season, as well.

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