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There are many details when it comes to planning and executing a move that professional movers can foresee and handle before they become problems. Most people do not move often and many details can easily be overlooked.

Hedberg Moving Solutions has years of experience in moving everything in a home including heavy items and valuables. With competitive rates, great reviews from local businesses, and free in home estimates Hedberg takes the hassle out of moving, and risk out of hiring a company to handle your valuables.

The term moving day is deceptive because a stress free, successful move often takes weeks to plan and execute if you go at it alone, and often valuables get misplaced or damaged in all of the chaos. Hedberg Moving offers several options from full service to labor only moves to make moving a simple as you need.

Labor Only Vs. Full Service

In a full service move the mover will come in and meticulously pack your items into organized labeled boxes, before doing all of the heavy lifting and possible storing of your possessions if needed. A representative will come to your residence and give you a free estimate, and plan your move with you so you know exactly what you need to do and what the qualified movers will do. A full service move makes the transition from one home to another as painless as possible. The packing and unpacking service means you can enjoy your first day in your new home without the literal pain in the back, and tedious work that is typically associated with moving an entire household.

A labor only move will save your back and at least a full day of loading and unloading your possessions. You will need to pack all of your valuables into boxes yourself in advance, then Minneapolis movers with strong backs and clean trucks will come in and actually do the heavy lifting and hauling for you. Hedberg Moving offers free floor protection, use of item protection materials such as shrink wrap and padding, and flexible moving dates. You can save your back with labor only services, while still being part of the process of packing and unpacking your goods.

5 Things To Consider When Planning Your Move

  1. Do not overlook storage sheds and basements. This may seem obvious, but you may be surprised that often in the chaos of planning all aspects of a move entire areas are overlooked by busy families.
  2. Pack items you need for the trip like toiletries, medications, and clothing separately. Digging into packed boxes at the last moment because you sealed up a necessary item is a waste of time and energy.
  3. Drain gas and oil from your yard equipment before packing to prevent nasty spills and possible fires.
  4. Mark boxes with toilet paper, towels, and kitchen supplies with a clear Unpack First, and items like photo albums and knickknacks as Unpack Last, to save time when you arrive at your destination.
  5. Make a final walk through of house on the last day. Lock doors and windows, turn off water into the home if the utility company has not yet. Make sure that the home is ready to be left empty for an undetermined amount of time.

Hedberg has secure storage facilities for your property if you need to arrange a temporary living arrangement before you can move into your next home. 

There are certain items that Minneapolis movers cannot legally transport. Our moving experts can go over the details of what is not legal for a moving company to move, and all the items we can move. We will develop a plan to make your moving easy and and we will handle the difficulties of moving your property to your next home.

Contact Hedberg Moving Solutions today to schedule a free in home estimate and start the process of the easiest move ever.

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