Moving Labor in Minneapolis

Moving! It has to the near the bottom of everyone's list of things they love to do. All that bending, stooping, packing, cleaning, and lifting all those heavy and awkward things down all of those stairs. No worries, Hedberg Moving has just the muscle you need to get your move on. Contact us for a Free Estimate

Minneapolis Movers

Professional Moving Services

Hedberg Moving offers professional moving services to the Minneapolis communities. We offer fair rates and qualified staff. We can help you pack and unpack. Our team does not mind moving all the heavy stuff from your home to the truck. They are just as happy to help you unload it too. We offer:

  • Free in-home estimates
  • Experienced and trained staff of movers
  • Packing and unpacking services.
  • Free use of boxes
  • Free use of moving supplies like blankets, dollies, shrink-wrap, etc.
  • Floor Protection

Hedberg Moving is fully licensed and Insured. We have qualified and professional staff ready and willing to help you life all of those heavy boxes. They will even pack your stuff carefully into boxes. Nothing takes the pain out of moving like people who know how to get the job done quickly and efficiently without damaging your possessions.

Using a Professional Moving Service:

Moving Muscle

Unlike a lot of moving service Hedberg Moving is not just happy to handle your complete move, but also we don't mind pitching in to help you with just part of your move. If your friends and helpers disappeared midway through your move, we are happy to send some muscle over and help you get the job done. No job is too large or too small even it is just moving that piano down three flights of stairs.

Because Hedberg Moving is a professional moving service we understand how daunting moving can be. We offer you free use of boxes, blankets, dollies, or even things like shrink wrap. These are some of the little things that we know make the difference between moving and making moving less of a daunting chore.

We offer complete moving services to residential and commercial clients. If your business is moving, we are the company to call. We don't mind helping in packing up your business, loading it carefully into a truck, and then unloading and setting up your business in your new location. Because we charge by the hour you can set up a budget of what you'd like us to do. We don't mind just coming by and moving the heavy stuff. That is what we are trained to do.

Moving Labor in Minneapolis

We help to save your back. One of the problems with moving is that your regular life does not stop. On top of packing all of your stuff, you still need to go to work, care for the kids, deal with meals, and all of the other chores that you do in a day. We have skilled and trained people who take the frustration out of moving. With careful and thoughtful people, helping you to safely pack up even the most fragile possessions we can help you get all of your moving chores done. When you use Hedberg Moving Solutions you are getting all of our experience in moving. We know how to make moving efficient. We have all of the tools that you need to move. Plus, Hedberg Moving Solution is an accredited Better Business Bureau business. We have never had a complaint filed with the BBB. We go out of our way to make sure that you are satisfied with everything that we do for you.

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