The sound of moving itself may make you cringe but it doesn't have to be that way! Moving can be made easier and faster by creating a moving inventory. You may ask what exactly is a moving inventory list? It's a list of the items you plan to move, you can also make a separate list for items you'd like to get rid of or sell if wanted. This helps you realize what you have to move and keeps you organized so you can plan your move ahead of time.

Common Types of Inventory Lists:

1) Detailed List: You may just sit down and start brainstorming what you have in your home but what about your small items? It's important to keep track of your most important and valuable items. You many consider counting your jewelry, art, electronic, ect. These items should be described in detail so you can compare the numbers and condition after the move.

2) Room by Room: This list can be made easily just by thinking about or sitting in each room of your home. You can take a fresh piece of paper for each room and list the items you have. This is a great way to plan your packing as well. This allows you to better estimate the amount of boxes you'll need and which rooms you might want to start packing first or early.

3) Pictures: Taking a picture of your items or each room will help you easily see what items are where. This could help you to reassemble items in the new home or place items back where they belong. 


4) Spreadsheet: If you’re computer savvy it's easy to make a spreadsheet of the items you have. You can make columns for the item, description, value, condition, room, ect–as much detail you'd like to have on each piece. When packing you can also create a contents spreadsheet of what items are in each box. Each list could then be printed off and taped to its corresponding box if you wanted. If you’re not computer savvy this is easily made with paper, pen and ruler too!

You may be asking yourself, this sounds like a lot of extra work why is it important? Moving inventory lists are important for making your move easier and successful! It can help you figure out the amount of packing supplies you'll need for you move. If you make your inventory list early you can look for free packing materials at local stores or on the internet. If you’re using a professional moving service in Minneapolis MN Twin Cities Metro Area, an inventory list can make getting quotes easier too. You'll be able to provide companies with your list so they can provide the most accurate moving quote individualized to you.  

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