Empty nest syndrome does not need to be a sad time in your life. In fact, it can be a huge opportunity to create something that is entirely new and wonderful. Minneapolis offers a tremendous variety of types of houses that can become a new home for you.

Think about all the things you love to do in life. Downsizing from that big empty house will not only help you finance your new home, but also it may also allow you to finance your hobbies. If you are no longer going around cleaning rooms that are seldom used, you will have all this free time to garden, travel, or write that novel you have always wanted to pen. So what kind of house should you consider for your new home?

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Starter Homes:

Starter homes are often cuter versions of large houses. They are small, cozy, and often have nice sized lots. There is a lot that you can do in a start home. If you find a place with a good lot that has lots of sun, start a garden. Grow award winning roses, or vegetables. There is a certain amount of joy that you get from growing your own food, but even more are all the flowers.

Second Homes:

Second homes are also a popular choice for some seniors. Having your own second home in a warmer location lets you live in comfort during the Minneapolis winters. A second home in another climate can be like always living in spring and summer. You have the freedom to enjoy the best that both places have to offer.


Townhomes and condos are also awesome. They are smaller and most have a yard. Many come with garages. The advantage of moving from a larger home to a townhome or condo is that fact that someone else pays for the roof repairs. Most townhomes and condos have home owners associations that take care of all of the expenses that occur outside. This would include expenses like replacing the roof or painting the exterior of your townhome. That can represent significant savings to you.


Apartments are another option for a senior moving in Minneapolis. Apartments also have a lot to offer. Location is one such benefit. You can move closer to the things you need or the places you go. Plus, apartments offer something homes do not and that is height. You can move up and receive a stunning view of the area. Like townhomes, the cost of renting an apartment may also be beneficial to you. An added advantage of an apartment is that your landlord covers the repair and replacement of appliances, carpeting, and fixtures.

Minneapolis Movers put the Joy in Moving

There is a lot of joy that can be found in moving to a new spot. The entire aspect of recreating a space that is just about you is one of those tasks that can be full of fun. Hedberg professional moving services can help to take the pain out of physically moving all of your stuff. As one of the top Minneapolis movers, Hedberg's professional staff can help you pack up all of your stuff, move it, and help you unpack it. If you need to sell your house before you buy another one, then Hedberg Moving can store all of your stuff in one of their climate controlled moving vaults. Your possessions are crated and invoiced and kept separate in your own vault. The location is secure and monitored. When you find the house you want, we will pick up your stuff and complete the move by moving your possessions to your new location. We will unpack them and help you settle in as needed. Moving can be a great experience. Discover what is out there for you!

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