Hedberg Moving Solutions is a professional Moving Services company that specializes in all phases of moving. We help many senior citizens through the process of moving into assisted living facility in Minneapolis and St Paul.

  • We offer packing and unpacking services
  • We offer loading and unloading services
  • We offer Assisted Moving Storage in our secure Storage Vault for temporary storage of your belongings

We provide free use of moving boxes, blankets, dollies, labels and even shrink-wrap.

Our moving team and services are fully licensed and insured. We offer floor protection insurance. We also make it easy to work with us. You decide the level of service that you need. If you need an extra body, we have that. Our moving professionals are strong, smart, and they know the moving business. They can help you organize your move, so you spend less money moving. Everything we do is geared towards customer satisfaction.


Tips For Moving into an Assisted Living Facility


1. First, you want to understand how much space you are going to have. This will allow you carefully to consider what you can take with you. TIP: Measure everything twice.

2. Plot out your move on graph paper. It may sound silly, but it will provide you with a visual of where things will go and how much living space you have with which to work. TIP: Use cutouts of furniture so that you can move things around on paper. This does not have to be fancy, just basic shapes that are the right size. This will help you get the most out of your space.


Planning Your Move


3. Investigate your Options: Talk with the facility where you are moving. They may provide some things and not others. Knowing what they will provide puts you miles ahead in your move. TIP: Check on appliances you may have to move your fridge.

4. Start sorting out what you will take with you, and what needs to find a new home. This is probably the hardest part of moving regardless of where you are moving too. There are several tips there.

  • TIP: Plan on sorting multiple times. It is easier to part with the things you know you cannot take with you.
  • TIP: Give out your Inheritance early. If you plan on leaving someone something in your will, give it to them now unless you are going to use it in your new home. Giving away the important stuff to those you intend to have it makes parting with it a lot easier.
  • TIP: Use safety pins and colored tags to mark the things that you are taking with you. This will help you sort your stuff quickly. Make a pile of things that you want to donate. Many organizations will come and pickup stuff. The more you get rid of, the easier it is to see what you are taking and what you need to sort through again.
  • TIP: This is an excellent time to do away with art and put your family pictures into frames. Keep the things that are dear to you and use them to decorate your new home.


We Take the Hassle out of Moving

Moving in Minneapolis does not have to be a huge chore. Hedberg Moving is here to make moving as easy as possible. We offer full packing services. Our Minneapolis movers are professionals in all aspects of moving. We realize that moving to an assisted living center is not an easy move. In fact, it is quite difficult on many fronts. If you need help moving, we are available to assist you. We offer a completely insured moving service, and our experienced staff are easy to work with and they are experts in all areas of moving. We take the stress and the work out of moving. 


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