The idea of moving is just a nightmare for some people. If the thought of moving is causing you stress consider using professional moving services. Hedberg moving offers clients a great deal of value for what can be described as one of the worse jobs, that unless you have the experiences, tools, and man-power to make moving a breeze.

Our Experience Makes the Difference

One problem that people often face is that they have more stuff than they realize. We offer a free in-home estimate for both residential clients and also for business clients. Our free in-home estimate is designed to help you visualize how much stuff you have, and at the same time give you some ideas of how to deal with packing, loading and moving it all. If you develop a strong plan that details how to handle everything, then moving is not that big of a chore.

Dealing with the chore of moving

If you are moving in Minneapolis take note, Hedberg offers a complete moving service. We have a complete palette of services that cover every aspect of moving. Our packing services is designed to help you get a handle on moving. We will pack your entire home into boxes and then pack the boxes into crates. Each box is numbered and itemized; each crate contains an invoice of its contents. We will pack your most treasured items, gently, safely and with care. We understand what heirlooms mean to you. We treasure them too. We offer unpacking services too. Not only will we pack up your entire house, we will load it onto a truck, move it, unload it and then unpack it for you. It is a turn-key operation.

Moving and Storage

For movers who have sold their house and not yet gained access to their new home we offer a special services. We have a storage vault facility that is climate controlled secure. As part of our moving services, we offer an assisted Moving Storage facility. We will store your crates in a secure facility that is separate from everyone else's stuff. The best part about this service is that you only pay for moving once. We do not charge you to reload your crates. When it is time to move into your new home, we will continue the move as though it was never interrupted. Again, you pay only as though you were moving from point A to point B. This is a service that people involved with short sales can take advantage of and it makes moving a lot less stressful. It is also a service that sets us apart from other Minneapolis movers.

Our Suite of Moving Services:

Hedberg Moving had developed their suite of moving services based on decades of experience in moving people around Minneapolis. The best place to start if you are planning a move is with our free in-home estimate. You will find a lot of value in talking with one of our professionals. Best of all, Hedberg offers the use of free boxes. Even if you are just renting a truck and doing a DIY move, we offer free boxes. In addition to the free use of our moving boxes, we also will provide blankets, dollies, labels and shrink wrap. We do go out of our way to make the moving process as simple as possible.


Because Hedberg Moving recognizes that people want different levels of assistance while moving, we make it easy to find exactly what you need. You can add labor on the day of your move if you need more help. You can add services. If you just need a pair of strong guys to pack your couch down three flights of stairs, we can help. 

For all of your moving services, just call us. We are happy to provide you with a free in-home estimate.

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