Scuff, scraps, dents and dings seem to end up on furniture and appliances after many DIY moving projects. This can be the result of lack of planning, not enough strength, or not enough communication. The fact is that dings and dents can completely avoided when moving. Our professional moving services will make sure that your stuff does not get damaged at all during the process. If you are moving in Minneapolis we offer packing and unpacking services for your convenience. Do not lose money by trying to do it yourself, go with the pros and keep your home and stuff safe from undo harm.

Keep Your Security Deposit When You Move

Hiring professional movers instead of attempting a DIY moving project will preserve not only your furniture, it will ensure that your walls and flooring does not get dinged or scrapped. Our experienced professionals have moved heavy, cumbersome pieces out of small places, down corridors, and flights of stairs without causing damage to the structure or the furniture. When you hire the pros, not only do you save your own back you also preserve your security deposit.

In addition to the benefit of having your stuff and furniture moved without dings and dents, we offer free in home estimates, free use of moving blankets, dollies, shrink-wrap, labels, and boxes. We offer packing and unpacking services if you chose, by an experienced crew. And we are fully licensed and insured.

Go With the Minneapolis Movers who Offer the Whole Package

What exactly is packing service? Well, it sounds too good to be true. Packing and unpacking service takes a significant amount of the stress of moving away by letting professional packers take over the tedious task of properly packing and organizing your goods. If you chose we also offer storage, and unpacking services.

We offer the whole package when it comes to planning, orchestrating, and completing your move. We protect the floors, walls, and moved goods because no one should have to accept damage just because they need to move.

We Have Both Commercial and Home Moving Experience

We have many relocation packaged for commercial moves that address the unique needs of moving an entire business. We can move machinery, sensitive papers, computers and anything related to running your business. Hiring a moving company instead of using your own staff makes sense because it means your staff can continue the business of making money for your company, and our experienced workers will be more efficient at the move. We can come in and begin the process around your working staff so you can get the most productive hours possible even through a move. Your valuable commercial equipment will not be harmed dented or scratched by our movers.

We simplify a home move and protect your goods through our experience staff and tried and true protocols. There are so many things that can go wrong in a DIY move, items get left behind, walls get damaged, appliances dented, furniture torn, and tempers flare. This is common because moving is physically tiring and stressful. Our professional movers do not get stressed out over a move because it is just another day on the job. They are strong and have overcome all types of moving obstacles successfully. Our strong backs and level heads are in your favor. We have been around the block a time or two, and can make easy work of your mountain that needs moving. After all, it is all we do everyday.

Contact us today for a free estimate and to discuss your moving plan. We have extensive experience and would love to simplify the complicated for you.

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