Who better than a well rated professional moving service to move and store your items to make room for an event or party? Our storage facilities are completely secure, and climate controlled. We pride ourselves for being gentle with your goods. Choose packing and unpacking services and it will seem that your home magically prepared itself for a party and your stuff reappeared afterwards. (At your convenience of course.)

Professional Moving Services can Help Even If You are not Moving

A family get together is great during the holidays, however a crowded home can be uncomfortable and make entertaining awkward. This Thanksgiving clear out unnecessary items before the big meal for the perfect presentation. Move the antique coffee table out and Persian rug out temporarily during your Super Bowl party, so you do not have to stress about coasters and spills. No matter the event we can help you move and store those heavy items.

Items to Store During a Party

  • Exercise Equipment That treadmill in the corner of the dining room, or the flex set in the guest room is going to be tripped over and in the way much more than it will actually be used when you have guests over. We can come in and move this heavy equipment to our storage vaults.
  • Guestroom Clutter Often a guest room can turn into a huge closet that all the odds and ends of a household accumulates in. We can pack your guest room into boxes and store away the contents until you are ready to go through them.
  • Paperwork Is your home office or desk area a clutter spot, but you are not ready to part with the important papers? They can go into a box and in a storage vault when you have important company over.
  • Seasonal Clothes Put your seasonal cloths in storage before company comes to clear the area for their suitcases and coats.
  • Seasonal Sporting Goods There is no need to keep the garage cluttered with water skis all winter, keep any seasonal sporting gear in our vaults when your company comes.
  • Guns and Hunting Gear Unless your company is planning a hunting trip, your guns can go into storage until they leave. This is a particularly good idea if they have children who may be curious.
  • Extra Furniture You may need all the furniture you can fit into your home to accommodate Thanksgiving guests. However if you are having a more active get together then clearing out some furniture to make room for dancing and to improve the flow of the room will simplify your party planning.
  • Expensive Pieces If you are inviting rowdy guests over to an informal event such as a Super Bowl party, or a child's birthday, it may be a good idea to place irreplaceable goods into a secure storage vault.

With our packing services all you need to do is mark the items you would like stored and we will package them safely and store them until the agreed upon date for their return. If you chose, we can also unpack your goods as well. De-cluttering through the holidays will simplify the complexities of having a house full of guests and their stuff.

Whether you are moving in Minneapolis, or planning a party and need an extra set of hands, we at Hedberg Moving Solutions, are the Minneapolis movers you can trust with your household goods. Summer or winter moving, the season does not matter to us, because we are used to the extremes in Minneapolis and plan accordingly.

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