Purchasing a home is a monumental accomplishment, followed in magnitude only by the actual process of moving. Home moving requires a great deal of coordination and physical labor, and can be a smooth or arduous enterprise – relative, of course, to the level of choreography and skill invested in the operation on the front end. Many things can go amiss when moving from one residence to another without the help of professional moving services. Furniture can get damaged, items can be forgotten or lost and valuable things can break due to the lack of proper packing or protective materials.

What sets Hedberg Moving Solutions apart from everyone else is that we can provide a completely customized solution for your moving needs. You can select the full service move that includes the expert packing and unpacking of your effects in the move from one home to the other, or you can choose the labor-only option that allows you to pack and unpack items yourself. We can even or provide packing materials and advice if you chose to do it yourself. When circumstances dictate that temporary storage of your belongings is required during a move or relocation, we provide climate controlled and secure storage facilities. Commercial and corporate services are also on our menu, and ensure the most efficient movement of company assets with the least amount of down-time for your business.

Whether you are home moving, apartment moving, or condo moving, with Hedberg Moving Solutions, our highly skilled and accommodating employees are trained to do most of the work for you. There is no need for you to risk back injury to get that 300 pound sleeper-sofa through a door that seems intentionally smaller by an inch or two. Eliminate the possibility of damaging your items along the way and reduce the stress that comes with being concerned about these things. Until such time that we are equipped with ‘matter-energy transporters’ that can ‘beam’ your goods from one location to another, let us not only ensure the safety of all that you own, but also ensure the safety of you and your family in the moving process.

Some moving companies provide a fixed approach to the moving operation – “…this is what we do, and this is how we do it…” Hedberg Moving of Minneapolis is resolved to provide exactly the kind of move that fits your needs and your lifestyle, allowing you to be in control of all the details of your moving service choices!

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