Moving from home to a retirement, assisted living or nursing facility can be a very emotional and trying time – for the persons moving, and for the families of the loved ones that must be involved in this difficult choice.  It is a delicate process that must be handled with the utmost care, patience and consideration by all parties involved.  At Hedberg Moving Solutions we make every effort to make this event as low-impact as possible, providing the extra time and assistance for moving seniors that goes well beyond the standard moving experience.  We handle these affairs in a manner that is consistent with how we ourselves would like them to be handled at such a point in our lives.


Going the extra mile for our clients can make the difference between having them feel like their whole world has been turned inside-out, or having the transition be as smooth and uneventful as possible.  This may involve arranging furniture and belongings, hanging pictures or mirrors, or setting up the television to make their new home feel more comfortable.  Having been packed with great care prior to the move, we can unpack and organize closets, kitchens and bathrooms to provide the continuity expected in daily life with little to no disruption.  We can also assist in staging the previous home in preparation for sale if necessary, or removing furniture and belongings that may not be moving to the new location.  At times, certain effects may need to be stored for a period of time, until relatives can make proper decisions regarding these at a later date.  Our climate controlled and secure storage facilities take the worry out of the equation – your family member’s items will be safe and sound until you are ready to address them.


Our excellent reputation is forged in the furnace of planning.  Any move will only go as well as it has been planned.  Knowing as much as possible about the nature of what needs to be moved  allows us to determine how best to pack it, what order things must be handled in, and the most efficient way to get it where it needs to go. With a professional and respectful staff handling everything from appliances to fine family heirlooms, you can be certain that our experience makes Hedberg Moving Solutions the only choice for your senior moving needs! 

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