Have you ever done a residential move and attempted to make due with the various random boxes you happen to have in the basement?  Or have you ever gone to a retail store and asked if you could have some shipping boxes from stock they have already put out on their shelves?  We will not even get into dumpster diving, although we have heard of people supplementing their packing needs with the aforementioned technique.  Yes, perhaps some of your books might fit into one of those ‘apple juice’ cartons from the grocery store, but good luck trying to fit your 60” television into anything other than a box designed to fit a 60” television.


At Hedberg Moving Solutions, a box is not just a box – not when it comes to moving.  For example, our ‘dish pack kit’ comes with a dish box plus specific dividers for glasses – not something you typically find in the shipping box from your last mail order purchase.  Our wardrobe boxes actually have a bar and two feet of hanger space, plus room for shoes on the bottom!  Your apparel may not fare as well in a carton that once ferried watermelons to market.  Trying to box up that lamp that is only 10 inches at the base but 36 inches tall?  You could get several action figure shipping boxes, cut off the flaps on the middle boxes, graft them together while friends and neighbors hold them together just right – or you could just get our 12”x12”x40” Lamp Box...


With dozens of boxes in dozens of sizes, specialized boxes for geometrically challenged items, mirror boxes, bags specifically designed for mattresses, and related supplies such as packing tape, bubble wrap, sharpies, labels and more, Hedberg Moving can help you with not just your move but also packing everything for that move.  Whether you pack things yourself, or we pack them for you, one thing is certain – all of your belongings will have the right box or other transportation apparatus for the move.


Any move will only go as well as it has been planned, and any item will arrive at its destination only as well as it has been packed.  Knowing as much as we do about moving allows us to determine the best means of packing everything from kitchen china to family heirlooms.  Your belongings are in good hands, or boxes, with Hedberg Moving Solutions!

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