Moving into or out of an apartment may be more complicated than the same process would be with a typical stand-alone residence.  Often, this may involve stairs, elevators, narrow hallways and congested parking facilities.  Moving your sleeper couch up to, or down from, the 5th floor of an apartment complex is quite a bit trickier than walking it though a set of sliding glass doors in a basement.  We have specialized equipment for use with large or heavy furniture, the expertise to navigate through difficult building geometry, and the experience to get your belongings safely from one location to another. There may also be facility rules that define where moving vehicles may park, and what type of access must be used for such services – all of which we can work with.


Hedberg Moving Solution’s professionally trained movers have been around the block a few times – so to speak. Helping to properly plan your move is likely one of the most important steps in the process.  Without a well engineered plan, moving can be chaotic, property can end up damaged, and your safety and well-being may be compromised.  Loosing your grip on a 600 pound safe at the top of a stairway could definitely be detrimental to all parties involved - especially those at the bottom…


Part of the exemplary customer service we provide includes free on-site estimates and answering all of your questions in advance of the move so that you may better prepare for it. Our experienced staff can even make suggestions that you may not have thought of previously, such as scheduling your moving day with your property manager and making special arrangements for parking, elevator or stair use, among other things.


At Hedberg Moving, your apartment or condominium move will be both damage and stress free. We are fully licensed and insured, so you will not need to worry about your belongings or the logistics of the move itself.  With packing and unpacking services, use of proper moving equipment, clean and reliable trucks, and the most competitive rates at your disposal, we will make your move  seem like you just ‘beamed’ into your new home! These are just several of the reasons why our reputation precedes us, and why we are among the most successful moving companies in the industry.

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