Although Hedberg Moving Solutions is a full-service company that specializes in home and commercial moves, there are many things that can and should be done in advance to facilitate a smooth move.

Organization is of paramount importance.  Whether you are packing yourself, or we are packing things for you, staging your items in a logical manner is beneficial to all parties involved.  Sorting small items like kitchen utensils and dishware lets you better determine what will be needed to pack them.  Separating winter and summer clothing is useful when the time comes to unpack at your new residence.  Selling or donating unwanted items will save you the time and expense of packing and moving them.  It is also a good idea to gather all your irreplaceable items such as jewelry, cash, family photos, birth certificates, credit cards or legal documents, and keep them apart from the rest of your household inventory. Always do a final walk through to ensure that nothing was forgotten and inadvertently left behind.  It is also essential to have a way to stay in contact with our moving crew in the event of a problem, especially in long-distance moves.

If you are doing your own packing, use smaller boxes for heavy items.  It is never fun to lift a large carton filled with hardcover books!  Also, do not overfill boxes; it is easy to damage belongings if they are tightly packed – leave space for packing peanuts or bubble wrap – we have plenty!  In order to see things clearly when boxes are stacked, label the sides in addition to the tops.  Never use newspaper to pack delicate items that are difficult to clean – the ink will rub off, and you will not be happy!  Always seal your boxes with proper packing tape, as opposed to “interlocking” the flaps.  Doing so creates undue and often asymmetrical pressures on the contents of the box, and can damage the goods inside.  Create several “Open First” boxes of items that will be immediately essential in your new home – they may include toiletry items, basic cooking utensils, medicines or seasonally appropriate clothing.

Related to, yet outside of the actual move, update your post office with your new address and if you have not already done so, and scout out the locations of essential services like grocery stores, gas stations, police stations and restaurants in your new neighborhood.

At Hedberg Moving, we want to make sure your move is stress free and efficient. These are just several of the tips we have acquired through years of experience in the moving business, and why we are among the most successful moving companies in the industry.

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