Hedberg Moving Solutions of Minneapolis is among the most trusted moving companies in Minnesota. Relocation involves boxes and crates and trucks and sore backs. It certainly does not seem like much fun, and can easily become a task which endeavors to get things from one place to another quickly, and move on to the next job. This is the mindset of some moving companies – ‘just get the stuff where it needs to go and call it a day’ – which creates a very impersonal, and at times unpleasant, process.

Branden Hedberg, the owner of Hedberg Moving, decided his business was to provide an entirely different experience to its clients. Relocating a family or business comes with enormous responsibility. We are not just delivering boxes to a new address; we are moving lives, memories and personal treasures. How we go about this is what makes us different. Our staff understands the expectations we have of their work – care and attention to detail in handling your belongings, efficiency and knowledge necessary for proper organization of the entire move, and a sincere, friendly attitude – at all times! Your move is not just “Job # X”, but a personal commitment to you and your family, and we take pride in the extra effort that makes each move a success.

Premium customer service begins at the top, yet must also extend through every aspect of the operation. Clean trucks – we have really clean trucks! No one wants to put their belongings into an environment that would necessitate first having to clean them, and only then to unpack in your new home. Floor protection – the last thing you want to do right after a move is shampoo the carpets or polish scuffs out of your hardwood floors. Moving blankets – your belongings will be in the same condition when they arrive as they were when they left. Even our free estimates are done in person, at your home, instead of over the phone from an office miles away. This list can go on, but it is suffice to say that everything will be done to ensure a safe and professional move.

At Hedberg Moving Solutions, we are not about slogans and catch-phrases – we just believe in genuine, outstanding customer service. Offering customizable packing, storage and relocation options for home and commercial or industrial moves throughout Minnesota, our company has earned its reputation with every single box that we’ve moved, and we have moved MANY!

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