When preparing to move, there are many logistical considerations that must be addressed – coordinating dates, organizing, packing and labeling to name a few. It is easy to overlook important things that are not directly related to the physical process - things like insurance. In the state of Minnesota all moving companies are required to provide clients with $0.60 per pound of insurance on your belongings. Although Hedberg Moving Solutions offers this at no cost to you, you may find that a family heirloom dresser weighing 200 pounds may be worth far more than $120. And that antique Chinese porcelain vase may only weigh 5 pounds, but might be worth more than our moving truck! For an additional charge, you can purchase more insurance from Baker International Insurance, a reputable company that we work with to provide whatever insurance needs you may have for your valuables and belongings.

As with many events and services that must be reserved, Hedberg Moving Solutions requires a deposit in order to secure your moving date on our schedule. Should your plans change or need to be rescheduled, this deposit is fully refundable if a 72 hour notice is provided, or it can be transferred and applied to your new moving date. Payment of this deposit is due at the time that your moving date and time is reserved, and may be done so over the phone with all major credit or debit cards, mailed to us, or brought into our office in the form of cash or check.

Once the delivery of your items is complete, you will be required to provide payment for the move. We will go over all of the billing details with you, answer any questions you may have, or make any adjustments that were agreed upon. Once again, we accept all major credit and debit cards, cash or check. Our customer service team is always available to field not only billing inquiries, but insurance arrangements, deposit details, or moving information as necessary.

At Hedberg Moving Solutions, our customers are our business. Unlike companies that sell products, we sell services. These services come in the form of the moving, as well as the care with which it is done. We are not measured by the quality of the commodities that would be purchased, but on our commitment to ensuring that every move, residential or commercial, is done to the satisfaction of the people we work for!

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