Organization is a useful skill to have in many aspects of our lives, and is one that can certainly come in handy when preparing for a move. Many of our belongings are not always “in use” and thus not within arms reach at all times. How often have you come across the large nameless box in the basement in which you will find an assortment of items diverse enough to fluster even the more ardently disorganized individual? It is likely that once upon a time we intended to put that paint brush with the rest of the painting supplies, and intended to put that spare AC adapter in our ‘miscellaneous electronics’ drawer, but both now cohabitate in the Pandora’s box that seems to consume all things that we just did not get a chance to put where they belong. While many of us attempt to keep things as organized as we can given the fast pace of life these days, there always seems much that can still be done.

Enter Rubbermaid. A visit to any department store will reveal an assortment of storage containers ranging from the small craft-style parts box to large, Christmas tree sized tubs. There are many options – clear bins, colored bins, bins with locking covers and those without. Imagine a perfectly organized world, in which a collection of bins line the shelves of your storage area like the Terracotta Army of Chinese antiquity. Keeping the candles of organization lit, each is labeled as to its contents and is dimensionally appropriate for that which is stored within. Looking for a place to put the box from your recently purchased iPhone 6? Well, there just happens to be a bin labeled “Communications” waiting to receive it. Although mastering an organizational process of this caliber can seem overwhelming, if done gradually, the aggregate result over time can be amazing.

Of course, things like dishes, utensils, clothing and other belongings that are frequently used would not be stored in this fashion – but when the items that can be organized in this manner are, any potential move will be far quicker and easier. Simply load your bins on the moving truck and relax until they need to be unloaded at your new residence.

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