Moving can be a trying experience, although Hedberg Moving Solutions will make it as close to stress-free as possible. But for families with children, the process can be a bit more challenging. As an adult, you can adjust to leaving your home, and most certainly a part of your life, behind. For children, however, this may be more difficult.

If possible, involve your children in as many aspects of the move as possible. Even as early as the initial selection process for the new home, elicit their feedback. Knowing that what they think truly does matter will acclimate them to a better understanding of the move, and help sort through the various feelings they may have about it. If the homes you are considering are within a reasonable distance, take them along on your prospecting missions. Otherwise, show them photos or take them on a “virtual tour,” which is available from most realty companies. Ask them to share things they like and dislike about each house, and assure them that you will take their opinions into consideration when making your final decision.

As you prepare and organize your belongings for the move, let your children know that they can help determine which things may not need to accompany you to the new home. Clothing that is no longer worn, toys that they may have outgrown, or electronics that have been replaced with the “latest and greatest” model may be donated, sold, or disposed of accordingly.

Get children excited about the new home by engaging them in planning out how their rooms, or even other rooms, will be arranged and decorated. Get them interested in picking out paint colors, window treatments and rugs, or encourage them to map out where existing furniture can or should be placed.

Saying goodbye to friends can be one of the most difficult things about moving for any child. Be sure that everyone exchanges contact information such as phone numbers and email addresses. Their friendships can be maintained fairly well via social media, email and phone calls, and depending on the distances involved, planning visits or vacations will keep these relationships alive.

Once you have settled into your residence, sit down with your children and plan some fun things to do as your explore your new hometown. Look for museums, bike trails, nearby state parks, or other activities they may enjoy participating in. Show them all that the new community has to offer, and be sure to include their new friends from the neighborhood or from school.

At Hedberg Moving Solutions, our years of experience in moving families with children can hopefully provide you with some useful tips in making the process as smooth as possible for everyone involved! Call us today for professional moving services!

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