A moving sale (also known as a rummage sale, yard sale or garage sale) is an informal event for the sale of used goods by private individuals. The most popular motivations for such sales are spring cleaning, earning extra money or moving. It is particularly beneficial to “lighten the load” before moving – why pay to move belongings that have fallen into disuse, only to have them sit around in the depths of your new home’s basement indefinitely?

Typically, the goods in a moving sale are unwanted items from the household, and may include old clothing, books, toys, household items, lawn and garden tools, sports equipment, video games, furniture and occasionally home appliances. These wares are sometimes new, like-new, or simply usable. Employing today’s social media is a more effective means of attracting customers than simply putting a “Garage Sale” sign on your front lawn. Use Facebook updates, Twitter posts or community flyers to communicate with a wider audience. Sometimes, there are neighborhood-wide sales on certain weekends which may be advertised on local television stations or in newspapers.

Presentation and organization are both key to having a successful moving sale. When you shop at a store, things are neatly displayed, visibly priced and clean. Consumers have come to expect this standard in virtually any shopping endeavor, and their experience should be no different with your sale. Take the time to make sure that the items you are selling are clean. No one wants to buy that toddler outfit with an extra helping of dried cereal. Organize your goods in whatever fashion makes the most sense for your particular situation. Perhaps you can have $1, $5 or $10 tables, but if there are too many price points to deal with, make sure individual items are clearly priced. Lay things out in a way where people can see them well; they are less likely to dig through a dusty box of miscellaneous items as opposed to choosing exactly what they are interested in off the table.

Be flexible - bargaining on prices is routine, so do not let one dollar stand between selling something and having it lay around till the next garage sale. At Hedberg Moving Solutions, we hope to streamline your moving experience by providing some useful tips that can save (and even make) you money, reduce the time and energy required for the task, and make what can sometimes be a stressful affair as uncomplicated as possible!

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