Transitioning from high school to college is likely to be a life-changing event for most people. Selecting the college or university that fits your long-term educational goals, applications, entrance exams, tuition arrangements, selecting majors, a new social environment and finally - MOVING! As though there were not enough challenges in the process already, college dorm or apartment living brings along a whole new set of variables. What will you bring, what will you need and how much space will you have to work with? Hedberg Moving Solutions has moved many a college entrant, and as such we have accrued a list of potentially helpful tips to make moving to college as stress-free as possible.

Organize, organize, organize - this is the first step in any successful move. Determine which essential personal belongings you need to take, and which you can live without. At times, much of your property can be left behind and stored at ‘home’, to be dealt with upon your graduation. Other people will be making a more permanent exodus, intending to move on to other potential destinations once college is completed. In either case, you will still be moving a streamlined version of your life with you, so packing away or getting rid of certain things will inevitably need to happen. Yard sales can help in this endeavor, and earn a few extra dollars which can help defray other costs associated with the move.

Pay specific attention to the space you will inhabit while visiting or selecting your accommodations. Check for availability of air conditioning, damages from previous tenants, utilities such as electricity, cable, phone and Internet, as well as the layout and dimensions of the residence. Not only will this help in sizing up what you can bring, but it will also preclude any unexpected surprises. Draw up a floor plan on paper or in your mind, and develop a plan for the best way that furniture may be arranged. Space will often be at a premium, so measure twice and move once! Nothing will be more frustrating than discovering that your giant sleeper sofa will not fit in the kitchen!

Be resourceful in your packing. If you are taking that handbag or backpack anyway, why not fill it with toiletries or other miscellaneous items instead of having them in a separate box? Enlist the help of your friends and family – the process will be quicker, easier on the back, and generally more fun.

Feel free to discuss any questions you may have about your move with the staff at Hedberg Moving Solutions. We are here to help in any way we can, and have been around the block more than a few times - so much of our advice comes from the real world and can help make your world easier to work with!

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