With as many clients as Hedberg Moving Solutions has moved over the years, we have inevitably picked up a few ‘life-hacks’ that might help streamline the process, and would like to pass those along.

The way in which we decorate our homes is a reflection of who we are. What type of art do we hang on the walls? Do we fancy furniture with contemporary aesthetics or that which has a more rustic look? How do we organize our cupboards and drawers? Every detail of our surroundings speaks in some manner to the things we like, the style we appreciate, and the personality that influences our environment. And best of all, our taste changes over time. We may have decorated our rooms with Rock & Roll posters back in the day, but have grown to favor impressionism or art deco as time went on. Your existing home may be quaint and cozy, but your new one may have an open floor plan with a touch of modern. Life is always in motion.

Moving avails us with an opportunity to redecorate or restructure our surroundings. At the very least, if offers a reason to ‘clean out the attic’ and perhaps try a new flavor of interior design. Once you have arrived in your new home and begin to unpack, it is important to address your most necessary belongings first; bring out essential items like clothing, kitchenware and toiletries. As furniture and other major items fall into place, you can then begin to develop a plan for decorating the remaining space. There will likely be certain things that will find a place regardless of the layout or the look of your new home. Family portraits, heirlooms, or other distinctly personal possessions will fit in as they must. But you could conceivably go shopping for new area rugs, bath accessories such as shower curtains and towels, or window treatments to name a few…

Do not rush to decorate. A new home will begin to ‘feel’ right gradually – it is a work in progress. As you settle in, ideas will illuminate the stage of design, and creativity will begin to enrich your new residence. A fusion of the things you already own and those you have yet to acquire will come together on this new canvas.

At Hedberg Moving Solutions, not only can we move your belongings, but we can provide some useful tips that you may find beneficial before, during and after the move itself!

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