When we move, we often prioritize our preparations with regard to household belongings, furniture, keepsakes and other interior items. We meticulously box up our books, photo albums, kitchenware, clothing and more. Plans are made as to what order the furniture will egress the home, and where it will be placed once it arrives at your destination. We find that at times, this level of organization is missed when concerning garages, storage sheds, or other outdoor equipment. We have compiled a list of suggestions that may assist in moving these things with the same efficiency as the rest of your household.

Tools – remove sharp attachments and wrap them in towels or box them separately, pack heavy tools in small boxes, and drain the oil and gas from power tools such as lawn mowers, weed trimmers, snow blowers or chainsaws.

Grills – dispose of unused charcoal or remove fuel canisters from gas powered grills. Cleaning the grill as best you can is also recommended, as you do not want ashes or grease to come in contact with other clean items in our truck.

Lawn and Patio Furniture – remove cushions and pack in large cartons.

Rakes and Brooms – gather them so they may bundled or tied together to prevent them from damaging other goods during transport. Wrapping an old towel around the ‘business end’ of these implements further ensures safe transit.

Swing Sets or Outdoor Play Structures – dismantle such items if possible, storing assembly hardware in a plastic tub or small box, and label said container as to its contents.

Pots and Planters – if they are ceramic or made of pottery material, pack them well with plenty of cushioning as they can be quite fragile.

Bicycles – if they have quick-release wheels, you may want to remove them to save space during the move.

Existing Boxes or Containers – repack old boxes that may be torn or flimsy, such as would often be found in sheds or garages for storing small tools or other minutia.

Trash Cans – many residential areas offer paid waste removal services, in which case they may not need to be moved. However, if you plan to take your trash cans along, clean them and perhaps use them to transport garden tools or outdoor sports items like basketballs, etc.

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