Your moving day can very hectic if not properly planned. If Hedberg Moving is conducting the entire full-service process from packing to moving, then you can sit back and simply make yourself, or someone you have designated, available should there be any questions or specific instructions required. Should you be doing the packing yourself, there are a few tips below to make your moving day go as smooth as possible.

- Clearly mark and set aside items or boxes that you do not want loaded. Marking boxes will remind you to inform the driver during the loading process as to what should not be placed into the moving truck.
- If there is a particular order in which things should be unloaded at the destination, indicate this on the boxes so they can be loaded in the reverse order.
- Make sure important paperwork pertaining to the move or personal documents such as titles, bank statements and others do not get packed and shipped with your household goods.
- Pack special items for children or pets separately. This could include medications, special toys or other necessities that might be transported with you as you transit to your new home.
- Depending on the complexity or duration of the move, you may want to arrange for someone to take care of children and pets while the movers are packing or loading your items. Although it is important for children to be involved in the moving experience, their age may be a determining factor in whether or not they enjoy the event or become anxious an unsettled.
- Keep in mind that many factors can affect the moving schedule, so maintain flexibility and be able to adjust your plans should there be unforeseen changes or delays.
- Always take one last sweep of the house before the driver leaves. Look through all closets, shelves, the garage, attic, crawl space, and any other place where things may be hiding. You do not want to find out that something was left behind after the truck has left.

With Hedberg Moving Solutions, customer satisfaction is our first priority. To that end, we are always aware of the smallest details that could become potential problems, and will work with you to ensure that attention is paid to them all. With many years of experience and thousands of happy clients, you can trust us to make your move easy and efficient for all involved!

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