Some people may be considered ‘casual sippers’ when it comes to wine and others may not touch it all. There are also devoted connoisseurs and aficionados who appreciate and collect wines from around the world. Such wine collections can represent a sizable investment, so it is important to know how it should be handled during transport. By moving your wine properly, the wine will be protected, and you can enjoy it in your new residence.


As with anything of value, you should have a professional appraisal completed for insurance purposes prior to moving your wine. The next consideration is the season in which you are moving, and the distance of the move. Traveling to certain destinations during summer or winter months may subject cargo to extreme temperatures. Wine experts recommend keeping wine in a cool area with a constant temperature around 55 °F. It can also be stored at temperatures as high as 69 °F without long-term negative effect. Your sofa will be just fine on a multi-day journey to Alaska, but your wine may not be. If such variables exist, you may need to consider seeking out a climate controlled vehicle, or if your collection is of manageable size, moving it in your vehicle which will allow you to control the temperature.


Special care must be taken to protect wine when packing. Hedberg Moving Solutions is qualified to correctly pack the bottles, but if you are packing the wine yourself, you may want to consider obtaining wine packing boxes specifically designed for transport at stores that sell wine in your area. Remember to pack the wine on its side as it would be stored in your home. Even if extreme care has been used in packing and transporting, the wine will shake within the bottle as it is moved. If opened too soon, a loss if flavor may result, so allow the bottles to rest for 7 days prior to opening.


Hedberg Moving Solutions is always looking for ways to make your move as efficient and stress-free as possible. Give us a call with any questions you may have!

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