The job of removing snow after a winter storm is not always a pleasant or easy experience. Snow blowers are a popular implement owned by many people that live in our climate, and can certainly make quick work of cleaning your sidewalks and driveways. Several obstacles may still remain, depending on the machine in question, the individual using it and what nature decides to bestow upon us. Some people, especially the elderly, may not be able to operate large, heavy snow blowers. Other units, including smaller ones or those that are not gas powered, may be easy to handle but will likely fall short of clearing that blizzard that just dumped 12 inches of snow on your world. For those of you who decide to tackle this insurmountable accumulation of snow with a shovel, we salute you. For those who may not have a choice, we need you to give us a call!

Hedberg Moving Solutions now offers residential snow plowing. Although our winter has been timid thus far, Minnesota weather bears many surprises, and it does not look for a convenient time to deliver its curveballs. Moving during the winter is likely to add the element of snowfall, which can exacerbate an already complex and labor intensive process. Cutting a path through snow drifts in your driveway for access to and from the moving truck is no longer a concern with our snow plowing services. Clear pavement makes the move safer and more efficient for everyone involved.

Even if you are not moving, getting out on the road when you cannot see where your driveway is can be equally challenging. Give us a call and kick back with your morning coffee while we make the snow disappear. Our rates are reasonable and our staff is standing by, always ready to give you a helping hand.

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