Perhaps you have finally decided to move to a warmer state, but in order to do so, you must first get through and out of the Minnesota climate. Winter presents many challenges to moving, including snow storms, slippery conditions and freezing temperatures.

It is a good idea to keep certain winter supplies separate from the remaining goods that get packed up for the move. Shovels, ice scrapers, salt and additional winter clothing can be used when needed as your belongings begin their transit. I you are relocating to a kindred climate, they could be necessary once you arrive. Always keep walkways free of snow and ice for your safety and that of the moving crews. Our weather is fickle and can change with little notice, so even though today may have been sunny and uneventful, there may be a half inch of sleet on the ground in the morning.

Packing and moving boxes, furniture and other belonging will require many trips in and out of your home. If you have spare rugs or carpet runners available, placing them in high traffic areas will mitigate residual water and slush from shoes or boots. Keep several old towels on hand should anything need to be wiped down; this will keep things clean and safe from moisture damage during the move, and prevent you from handling soiled items in your new home when unpacking.

Boarding your pets during your move is a good idea for a number of reasons. Pets can get in the way and create a hazard when moving heavy items. Also, with your doors open and people moving in and out continuously, there is a chance your pet can get out unnoticed and become lost. Lastly, animals do not take well to major disruptions of their environment, which moving the entire contents of your home certainly accomplishes. If boarded, your dog or cat can simply ‘re-enter’ your new home when ready, thus missing out on all of the anxiety associated with the moving process itself.

Hedberg Moving Solutions is equipped to handle any move, regardless of size, with ease during any season. With commercial and residential snow plowing services, professional staff that is trained to operate in any type of weather, and years of experience in this business, winter is not an obstacle to your relocation.

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