When you hire Minneapolis movers for your house, apartment, or business, you eliminate one of the most stressful elements of the moving experience. We have the strength, skills, and experience that it takes to transport all your belongings quickly and efficiently. However, there's still a lot of time, effort, and stress involved beforehand. We know packing is overwhelming, so we want to share a few of our favorite packing tips and tricks.

Hack your move with these three packing strategies, which spare you a pre-move headache and make the moving and unpacking process more efficient too.

1. Color-Code Your Boxes

Your home movers want to do all the actual moving for you, from picking up your boxes to placing them in their final destinations. If your boxes aren't clearly marked, you won't be able to take full advantage of the services we provide – and you'll have to endure a messy, time-consuming unpacking process. Most homeowners and business owners understand that it's important to label their boxes – for example, a box of sofa pillows and remote controls would have the label "living room" – but we recommend a more colorful and convenient method.

Stock up on paint or duct tape in multiple colors, and use a color-coding system to organize your boxes into different groups. If you're hiring a business moving company to help your company relocate, you might use one color for the break room and another for the manager's office. If your family is moving, each color should represent a different room in your new home.

2. Secure Drawers & Bins with Cling Wrap

Packing doesn't have to be a total upheaval, and cling wrap is a great way to prevent that. In a typical household, hundreds of small items are already organized inside bins, boxes, drawers, and other larger containers. Instead of dumping out all the small pieces and creating extra work for yourself later, stretch kitchen cling wrap or stretchable packing wrap over the top of each container.

Cling wrap is an effective way to hold these contents in place, so your Minneapolis movers can take the boxes as-is. Consider cling wrap for your silverware tray, sock drawer, toy box, jewelry display cases, and similar items. Of course, breakable and valuable items will need extra padding and protection, but there are plenty of small objects that simply need to stay together.

3. Take Advantage of Empty Space

Don't leave any empty spaces unused. This may sound like a no-brainer – after all, who tapes up a box before it's completely full? – but it's surprisingly easy to forget. You will be packing and moving many items that are hollow, empty, or large enough to contain smaller items, so take advantage of all of them.

Remember to keep similar items together as you fill your bowls and other potential containers. Crockpots and cookie jars are great places to stow spice bottles and baking supplies, which you can unpack and immediately put away. Laundry hampers can be filled with clean laundry or books. Don't forget about your garbage cans, either; they're often sturdy enough to protect breakable items if you pack them properly.  


At Hedberg Moving Solutions, we want to make your move as easy and stress-free as possible. If you have breakable valuables, big furniture, and other items that need extra protection and care during the move, let us handle the packing process too. Call us today to schedule a free consultation or learn more about our packing and moving services in Minneapolis.

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