Life is always full of risks, but moving your home, office, or cargo can be particularly hazardous thanks to more cumbersome vehicles and the strain of lifting and relocating heavy objects. Don't take our word for it; Here are three accidents that happened while on the road.

Unintentional Grounding

Even the fit and young athletes of the NFL aren't immune to accidents during a move. Jamaal Charles, a running back for the Kansas City Chiefs, was helping move a friend out of Missouri Western dormitory when he met his worst nemesis: a grassy hill. He stumbled down the slope, bruising his ankle during the fall. The injury only lasted a few days, but Charles came perilously close to losing an NFL career just by moving an innocuous box.

Cow Tipping to the Extreme

In the middle of Utah on I-15, a semi was moving a few dozen heads of cattle when the driver overestimated how fast he could take a corner, sending the vehicle and its cargo onto their side. As fate would have it, a local police sergeant was behind the truck at the time of the accident and his dash cam footage was released in the news.

The Riyadh Explosion

This tale of terror from Saudi Arabia highlights the potential hazards of the roadways and volatile cargo when combined. The driver of a fuel tanker was startled by a smaller accident on the road, causing a loss of focus that resulted in the truck colliding with a nearby pylon. A puncture in the fuel tank spilled out into the road where it was ignited before many could escape. Almost 100 people were injured and 26 were killed from the exploding truck - a number that could have been higher if traffic wasn't light due to a holiday.

Rely on the Experience of a Professional Moving Company

These examples vary from the inane to the extreme, but they all serve as a reminder of how important safety and experience are when transporting cargo. You  might experience the "luck" of Jamaal Charles and only suffer a mild injury, or the lack of driving skill and professionalism can end in lost cargo and destroyed lives. The next time you're deciding how to take on a move, call on Hedberg Moving to guarantee a safe and secure trip for all of your possessions, large and small.

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